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February 15, 2019

SOME of the academic content standards we focused on this week:
Reading:  Make text to text/text to self connections/comparisons; identify reasons author gives to support points; use affixes as clue to word meaning; identify root words and their inflecitonal forms; identify life connections between words and their use; use text illustrations/details to describe key ideas; explain differences between fiction/nonfiction; identify similarities/differences between two texts on same topic.
Writing: Write opinion pieces that introduce topic, express opinion, and have closure; use capitalization, punctuation, conventional spelling for CVC and sight words; collaborate with peers to use variety of digital tools to produce writing with support.
Math: Mentally find 10 more/10 less than the number and explain reasoning; understand and compare tens and ones in 2 digit numbers; add and record with explanation of reasoning used within 100; write to 120.
Science; Health; Social Sciences: Diverse cultural practices address basic human needs in various ways.
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