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December 8, 2017

SOME of the academic content standards we focused on this week:
Reading:  Read words with inflectional endings; decode two syllable words following basic patterns; know every syllable has a vowel; know digraphs and blends; compare/contrast experiences of characters; read with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression; retell stories with detail; compare/contrast experiences of characters.
Writing: Write opinion pieces that introduce topic, express opinion, and have closure; use capitalization, punctuation, and conventional spelling for CVC and high frequency words; distinguish verbs/adjectives similar in meaning.
Math: Demonstrate addition/subtraction fluency within 10; understand subtraction as unknown addend problem; understand digits as tens and ones; identify pennies and dimes and the value; add within 100 using manipulatives, equations, drawings; compare two digit numbers using greater than, less than, equal to; tell time to the hour and half hour in analog and digital.
Science; Health; Social Sciences:  Properties of materials change.
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