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Week of January 21
Dear Families,
WOW! What a wintry weekend! 
Reading:  For the next few weeks,  we will be learning about fables, folktales and myths. This week, we will be learning about folktales from different countries.
Writing: We will be looking at the different structures of nonfiction texts. Then we will begin to write our own nonfiction pieces. The students have also been working on individual "interest projects," whcih many of them have created Google Slideshows. You can access them at home via your child's school Google account. 
Word Study/Writing Skills: We will continue to learn about verbs: action verbs, linking verbs, past tense  and present tense verbs.
Math: We will finish up learning about geometry. I will be sending homework on Tuesday. We will have a test on geometry on Friday.
Next we will begin to work with multiplication concepts.  
We have the opportunity to use Tenmarks in our math class. Tenmarks is a math program that encourages students to answer challenging word problems.  I will continue to add assignments to TenMarks. Your child may have some limited opportunities to use TenMarks at school (a couple times a week), but he/she can access TenMarks at home any time. I think that TenMarks provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice math concepts. 
Next, we will be finishing up our study of the properties of rocks and minerals. We will have a quiz next week. Next, we will study about Nutrition.
Have a great week! 

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