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Week of February 19
Here's what is happening this week:  
Math:   We will continue learning about the concept of multiplication. We will be using the commutitive property (6 x 5 = 5 x 6) to help learning of math facts. We will be writing multiplication stories, and we will be using multiplication to solve work problems. We will be working with multiplication facts, but we will not be spending the bulk of our classroom time on memorizing math facts. If your child needs additional practice on math facts, I recommend he/she uses the XTRAMATH account. Please let me know if you need your child's login information. 
I will be sending homework on Wednesday. 
Reading:  We will be working on reading nonfiction texts. We will be learning about Text Structures of Informational Texts. Thinking about the text structure helps you understand what the major idea of the text is. The Five Structures of Informational Text are: Main Idea and Details, Time Order, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, and Question and Answer. 
 Writing:  We will begin working on writing nonfiction pieces. We will be focusing on writing in response to reading nonfiction. 
Language/Word Study: We will begin to identify simple and compound sentences, and the use of commas and conjunctions. 
We have been concentrating on correctly using capital letters and punctuation in all our sentences.  I am placing a heavy emphasis on these conventions as we proceed through the school year.
Social Studies:
We will be learning about how agriculture, industry, and natrual resources affect our daily lives in our community.
Have a wonderful week! 

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Parent-Teacher Conferences Feb. 15 and Feb. 22 
Third Grade Music Program Thurs. March 15 6:45 pm
Ohio Caverns Wed. March 21 

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