How does the District decide whether to make accommodations for transgender students?

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When the parent of a transgender student, or a transgender student, requests accommodations, the building administrator and/or school counselor or social worker will meet with the parent, student, and any other individuals with relevant information. The team will discuss the requested accommodations; the consistency, persistency, and insistency of the asserted gender expression; and any supports needed to ensure equal access to and equal opportunity to participate in the District’s education programs.

Accommodations are granted on a case-by-case basis, after considering the circumstances. When determining whether to permit an accommodation, the school will consider the following:

  • evidence regarding whether the student has “consistently, persistently, and insistently” expressed the gender identity;
  • ensuring the student has equal access to, and an equal opportunity to participate in, the District’s education programs;
  • student safety and comfort; and
  • protecting student privacy and minimizing stigmatization of the student.