Q. What time is my class period at Emerald Campus?

Q. What time is/are my class period(s) at Emerald Campus?

  • The period schedule for Emerald Campus is slightly different than the schedule for the 3 high schools to allow time for students to transition between buildings.
  • For the 20-21 school year, the Emerald Campus will run a 0-8 period day for all programs. 
  • Please check our EC schedule page for the exact times.
  • The student schedules in progressbook tell the time period or frame of time for each class at Emerald Campus.
  • For classes at Emerald Campus, the student schedules should reflect a travel period blocked in with EC classes.
  • If the schedule does not allow adequate travel time, but are only missing a few moments at one building or the other, please make arrangements with the teachers affected.  
  • If this is not possible, and the time missed in class is to substantial, notify the appropriate school counselor to discuss options. Every effort is made to create personalized schedules for students, but at times the difficult decision must be made to drop a class that just doesn’t fit.