Chelsey Campbell, Music Teacher, Karrer

She is amazing at her job!!

Chelsea came in a couple years ago and revitalized the choir program at Karrer.  Chelsea's level of professionalism is well beyond the norm.  Chelsea's easily connects with her students and you can see the results of Chelsea's efforts in the choir shows her students perform.   Not only do the choir shows standout, but the musical productions put on at the Dublin rec center are a marvel of student wrangling and talent recognition.  Chelsea also volunteers to go on the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.  

Chelsey Campbell has a magical way of making each and every student feel important.  Not all kids embrace the traditional educational model, Chelsey takes these kids under her wing and ensures their feelings of success.  Whether it be during choir, during lunch duty, or during musical rehearsals...she connects with the kids and looks out for their well-being.  Chelsey focuses on the positive attributes of each and every student.  She inspires the kids to explore their talents and to enjoy and flourish in their individuality.  Chelsey is one of a kind and we are so blessed to have her be a part of our daughter's journey.

Chelsey goes above and beyond on a daily basis when working with her students.  The joy and passion our students have for music is directly related to the work she puts in each and every day.  Our entire school community is better because of Chelsey and we are so lucky to have her at KMS.  

Chelsey does an amazing job as the choir director at Karrer Middle School.  She goes above and beyond to provide great opportunities for our students - running the musical, starting Caroling for Cans, and Karrer Vocal Ensemble.  She has brought energy and life to an already fantastic music program.  I appreciate all she does for our students at KMS!

Chelsey is positive and uplifting! She cares deeply for her students. My daughter, Meg, has absolutely loved having her this year in Choir! And also participated in the musical and we saw firsthand the hours and dedication Chelsey puts into her job! Wow! 

Mary Poppins Jr. (need I say more?)... it was great and now my daughter wants to pursue drama as well as join choir.  I can tell Chelsey is hardworking and a positive role model for her students.  I am so thankful my daughter had the opportunity to participate in drama and now wants to be in choir and try out for more plays.  Chelsey is very talented and an absolute asset to Dublin Schools.

Mrs. Campbell is an inspiring teacher.  I have a child in choir, vocal ensemble and drama club and have witnessed Mrs. Campbell's tireless efforts to produce the best performances  possible.  This is demonstrated in the quality of the choir concerts and drama productions.  My daughter adds that Mrs. Campbell sets an example of how hard work really pays off.  This was clearly demonstrated in the outstanding production of Mary Poppins, Jr.  She always engages her students and makes them feel welcomed.  I appreciate all of her hard work and efforts that has afforded our children great opportunities.

Mrs. Campbell is a kind and caring teacher who works hard at what she does, and cares about her students.  This year, she helped me out in the school musical (Mary Poppins Jr.) and constantly supports me in choir class. Mrs. Campbell goes out of her way to help other people (her students and the community- Caroling for Cans) and I think she is a great teacher!

"Mrs. Campbell is an outstanding teacher.  She brings her love for music to our students on a daily basis, and leads them to learn more than they ever thought they could.  In observing her music classes she teaches across all three grade levels and with a group of students with special needs, Mrs. Campbell models for students high expectations, and is a role model for the work she wants students to produce.  She is upbeat, kind and always has a smile.  She is willing to collaborate with colleagues, and stretches herself to new heights in order to accommodate the varying needs of all students. 

In addition to her ""regular teaching duties"" consisting of 3 different grade level choirs and the general music class for students with special needs, Mrs. Campbell hosts a vocal ensemble on Wednesday mornings, has run a community ""Caroling for Cans"" event the past two years, and is the sole advisor, choreographer, and producer of our school musical.

In addition to working with Mrs. Campbell, I am also a Karrer parent, and my daughter is in both choir and held a part in the school play.  Speaking as a parent, I can attest to the hard work, professionalism and positive inspiration and modeling that Mrs. Campbell provided for students during Mary Poppins Jr.  Despite the long practices and hard work, my daughter mourned the completion of the play, as it meant she would no longer get to spend her time working for Mrs. Campbell in the close knit community she had established.  The level of performance that Mrs. Campbell produced out of middle school students was worthy of this award and more!  I personally sat through the dress rehearsal and all four performances of the show, and still found elements of the event that I was awed by!  She is truly a talented teacher to invoke such amazing sounds from these young voices. I am thrilled that my daughter had the chance to be a part of the production, and am so thankful for all that Mrs. Campbell did to promote a positive and nurturing learning environment for my daughter, and all students, to thrive in. 

Mrs. Campbell raises the bar for all teachers- she does everything to the utmost quality, and does it with a smile!  I am proud to work alongside Mrs. Campbell, and feel strongly that she deserves this award. Bravo Mrs. Campbell!  Bravo!"

Chelsey has gone above and beyond to build an outstanding choir and musical program for the students at Karrer. Chelsey hosts a Caroling for Cans event during the holidays, vocal ensemble before school and provides a music class for the students who are in the SLC. Chelsea has directed two amazing musicals our Karrer students have performed in. Chelsey is a team player, she is actively involved with the staff and student events at Karrer and has had a positive effect on our school climate. 

Mrs Campbell is the most sweet teacher I have! She makes choir fun, and tells everyone to keep on going through hard times. She’s really just so nice!