Drew Sraver, Social Studies Teacher, Scioto

"January 5, 2020 was the last day of winter break. Most Dublin employees were savoring their last few hours of relaxation before school started up again the next day. Not Mr. Sraver. He was at a restaurant with my family, which includes two of his former students. He wanted to make the time to see our daughter before she went back to college. He talked with her about the adjustment to out of state college, activities she's involved in and classes she is taking. When she mentioned her fears about changing her major, he was instrumental in building up her confidence and alleviating the doubts she had built up in her mind. That lunch lasted three hours and was time well spent!!

Mr. Sraver is the best example of what a teacher should be. He cares deeply about his students while they are in his classroom and afterward as they navigate life beyond high school. He challenges students to bring out their best, in the classroom and in the community. Each weekend, students are expected to tell someone they love them. Mr. Sraver is interested in teaching academics but also important life skills which will help kids as they become functioning adults. Every day he strives to be his best and it shows. He is THE most influential teacher my children have ever had and I guarantee their friends (and parents) would agree. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the Golden Shamrock Award."