Doug Swanson, Golf Coach and Science Teacher, Davis

Doug is phenomenally supportive of the student/athletes emphasizing both the importance of academics and sportsmanship.  

Coach Swanson was (and is), an amazingly supportive, motivating, and technically strong golf coach for the Davis boys golf program. My son thrived under his tutelage, and benefited not only from a golf perspective but more importantly  in his development as a young man. Doug uses golf to instruct in life lessons, the boys come away better people even if their golf careers end when they leave DMS. I always appreciated Dougs support of his golfers outside the sport, he was equally committed to their academic journey and also their other interests such as the school plays and band concerts. Coach Swanson represents Davis proudly in all that he does, he is a treasure to Dublin School District and should absolutely be considered for  the honor of the Golden Shamrock award. 

Doug Swanson is a 100% child centered teacher/coach. When our family first moved to Dublin, our son was in 1st grade. We took our son to see the Scioto HS hockey team play. When Doug learned that our son was a student at Olde Sawmill- he went out of his way to welcome him. He allowed him to meet the team and sit on the bench. He encouraged him to think about playing for the Irish and got him so excited to be at Scioto and Davis! Fast forward 6 years and our son found himself playing golf for Coach Swanson. Doug remembers every detail about his players. He encourages a growth mindset in every interaction with his players. Doug not only worked with players on their swings but also on their etiquette, composure, and sportsmanship. As our son traveled into Scioto and began playing for the JV and Varsity teams, Doug continued to show interest- reminding our son of his scores early on and commending his hard work and improvement. Doug treats all players with the same respect, regardless of their skill. In this classroom, his passion and excitement for science is contagious. When I interact with Doug Swanson, I see someone who feels incredibly appreciative of having the opportunity to teach and coach! What wonderful energy for a parent to observe!

Mr Swanson establishes great relationships with his students/golfers and goes out of his way to maintain those relationships throughout the kids time in Dublin. He is always positive and upbeat, while making personal connections with all the kids he works with. 

Mr Swanson is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever been around. In 7th grade, I joined the Davis Middle School golf team, with absolutely no golf experience under my belt. While Mr Swanson could have told me that golf wasn’t my thing and that it was probably best to go try a different fall sport, he didn’t do that. Instead, Mr. Swanson followed me through all 9 holes during tryouts and made it a great learning experience for me. Today, I am a varsity golfer and have played golf the last 5 years of school, if it weren’t for Mr. Swanson being such a caring man, I would not be in the same spot today. Mr. Swanson also played a key role in my joining of the hockey team. When I was in 4th grade, my dad took me to a Scioto hockey game. I was standing there with my Olde Sawmill stuff on, and when Coach Swanson (hockey coach at the time) saw me, he invited me to sit on the bench and watch the players during warmups. This was a very fun experience for 4th grade me and is one of the reasons I am now a Dublin Scioto hockey player. It is fairly obvious that Mr. Doug Swanson has had a huge impact on my life, and anyone who has had such a large impact should 100 percent be a Golden Shamrock recipient.