Kello D'Souza, Teacher, Coffman

Kelli devotes herself to her students each day. Whether it is researching current issues for his Global Politics class, finding fun ways to present court cases in US Government or sharing stores from her own life experiences with her Psychology class. Most importantly. she establishes relationships with each one of her students. She has a passion for her Psychology class and enjoys making it meaningful for her students. Moreover, she feels it is important to make students aware of their mental health and helps them create strategies and a tool box for coping with common issues like anxiety. Kelli spends time outside of school learning more about students' mental health and how to best help all students. She is an active participate in the Socials Studies department in addition to being involved in Future Teacher of America and SAVE club. She is has devoted much time to making Coffman the place that it is and most importantly reaching and connecting with each of her students.