Young Professionals' Academy Course Descriptions

The Young Professionals Academy (YPA) assists students in developing the skills, knowledge, and expertise to succeed in work and life. Through classroom lessons and two, professional, work-place learning experiences; YPA students work to develop the critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills required for success in college and careers.  YPA is open to students from all three high schools through an application process. In addition to site visits and internships, students will need to attend seminar and blended days at the Emerald Campus.


Professional Internship Program 702

Students analyze and document personal interests, talents, skills, aptitudes, and values in order to select internships in two career fields of their choosing. Students experience the day-to-day operations of the career, gain exposure to its related lifestyle, learn about the educational requirements, and begin to build their professional network.  Former YPA students attest to the value of the program to their college selection and acceptance, selection of college major, and success in securing future employment. Students exit the program armed with internship experience, a web-based portfolio, and networking contacts aimed at College and Career Readiness.


Prerequisite: Application

Graded: Conventional 

Grade:  11 - 12

Time Frame:  Semester (1st or 2nd) (Non-Repeatable) 

              Credit: 1.5