Sports Science Academy Course Descriptions

The Sports Science Academy (SSA) is designed to provide hands-on opportunities for students to gain exposure to careers in sports and health-related fields. Coursework will include anatomy and physiology as it pertains to sports and fitness, evaluating performance through data collection and analysis, and how performance in physical activities can be maximized. Students will have access to technologies similar to those used in a research and rehabilitation settings, opportunities to learn from individuals in sports and health-related fields, and author research projects that illustrate their understanding of the concepts learned in the academy.  Students will also have the opportunity to earn health-related certifications (CPR and first aid). This academy fulfills the advanced science graduation requirement. The academy is open to students from all three high schools through an application process. Students who are participating will travel to the Emerald Campus.


IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SL) 586

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) is a 1-year, experimental science course that focuses on the form and function of the human body. It is intended for students who want a foundation in how the body performs during physical activity, and the tools and techniques to analyze performance and fitness. Students will cover a range of topics to gain valuable exposure to sports science and health-related fields, as well as carry out practical (experimental) investigations in both laboratory and field settings. Topics that will be covered include anatomy (skeletal and muscular systems), exercise physiology, energy systems, movement analysis, the physics of the human body and sports, skill in sports, and measurement and evaluation of human performance. Two optional units in optimizing physiological performance, the psychology of sports, physical activity and health, and nutrition for sports, exercise and health will also be covered. This course is a one-year program which concludes with students completing the required IB Exam.

Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, Application 

Graded: AP / IB / CCP Weight 

Grades: 11-12

Time Frame: 1 Year

Credit: 1.00


Advanced Research in Science 240

This course will facilitate advanced learning of the philosophy of science, research methods, science writing and reporting, statistical analysis of results, lab and/or fieldwork methods, and ethical concerns. This is an individual research course in which students will develop and complete an experimental research project. The student needs to be self-motivated and the teacher will act to facilitate the research work of the student. Considerable work outside the classroom will be necessary and the students will be required to submit and present their research findings. This course is designed to be a culmination of the student’s high school science experience.

Prerequisite: 2 Years of science highly recommended, Application

Graded: Honors

Grade: 11-12 Year

Time Frame: 1 Year

Credit: 1.00 (Repeatable)


Body Systems – 253  

Students examine the processes, structures, and interactions of the human body systems to learn how they work together to maintain homeostasis and good health. The problem-based approach of the course includes designing experiments, investigating the structures and functions of body systems, and using data collection tools to monitor body functions. Important concepts covered in the course may include coordination (skeletal, muscular and nervous/sensory systems), metabolism (cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems), and protection (immune and lymphatic systems).

Prerequisite: Application

Graded: Conventional

Grade: 11-12

Time Frame: Semester 

Credit: 0.50 (Repeatable)

 Sports Science Academy Credentials:  CPR Certification, First Aid Certification