IT Academy Course Descriptions

Students interested in Information Technology explore software development through a combination of courses in programming languages, web design, databases, and more with the opportunity to earn college credit.  The following Columbus State Community College courses are available for students interested in learning advanced computer programming skills. Students must pass the Columbus State entrance assessment (which requires adequate knowledge of Algebra II) in order to be eligible for college credit. The IT Academy is open to students from all three high schools through an online application process. Students who participate will travel to the Emerald Campus. 


Year 1:

Introduction to Programming Logic (CSCI 1103) 402

In this course, students will learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Students will learn the basic units of logic: sequence, selection, and loop. Students will apply algorithmic solutions to problem-domain scenarios. Students will gain experience in using commercial and open source languages, programs, and applications.

Prerequisite: Application & Algebra II

Graded: AP / IB / CCP Weight Grade: 10-12

Time Frame: First Semester (2 periods / day)

Credit: 1.00


Database Fundamentals (CSCI 1320) 409

This course will serve as the foundational course to the Business Intelligence certificate. It introduces the student to the fundamental concepts and techniques of relational database management, database technology, structured query language, database design, database management, web database applications and big data. Students perform hands-on labs with commercial software and databases provided by real-world scenarios.

Prerequisite: Application

Graded: AP / IB / CCP Weight Grade: 10-12

Time Frame:             Second Semester (2 periods/day)

Credit:                        1.00



Year 2:

Python Programming (CSCI 1511) 410

Students learn the Python programming language constructs to write programs that integrate classes, class methods, and class instances, built upon basic structures such as input method handling, 2-D sprite manipulation and animation, collision detection, game physics and basic artificial intelligence.

Prerequisite: Application

Graded: AP / IB / CCP Weight Grade: 11-12

Time Frame: First Semester (2 per/day) 

Credit: 1.00


Web Design (CSCI 1145) 405

Students will learn the dynamics of the Web environment while pursuing an in-depth study of both Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web based protocols such as FTP, TCP/IP, and HTTP will be addressed. Students will create a website with tag text elements, special characters, lines, graphics, hypertext links, and graphical tables. *This course allows students to waive 1.0 Visual Arts upon successful completion of the IT Academy.

Prerequisite: IT Academy Year 1

Graded: AP / IB / CCP Weight Grade: 12

Time Frame:    Year

Credit:             1.00


IT Research and Field Experience 407

The capstone course provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge, attitudes and skills that were learned in Information Technology program in a more comprehensive and authentic way. Capstones often include project/problem-based learning opportunities that occur both in and away from school. Under supervision of the school and through community partnerships, students may combine classroom learning with work experience. This course can be delivered through a variety of delivery methods including cooperative education or apprenticeship.

Prerequisite: IT Academy Year 1 

Graded: Conventional 

Grade: 12

Time Frame:            Second Semester

             Credit:                        0.5