Dublin Business Academy Course Descriptions

This course provides students with an opportunity for a head-start on the path to a successful career in business. Students will gain 21st century skills during this experiential learning through operating an existing full-service screen-printing and design company and community professional networking and site visits. This unique and challenging non-traditional program is for students interested in all areas of business. Experienced teachers, along with community business members, will guide students through the day-to-day operations of this real-world  business. DBA students will contribute and study a variety of aspects including: accounting, creating financial reports, sales, graphic design, business communications, advertising marketing, marketing principles, customer service, operations, talent management and management strategies. DBA has partnerships with Tolles and Columbus State Community College. The DBA  is open to students from all three high schools through an application process. Students who participate will travel to the Emerald Campus.


Prerequisite: Application 

Graded: Conventional 

Grade: 11-12

Time Frame: Year

             Credit: 2.00 (1.00 Business Foundations, 0.50 Business Management, 0.50 Applied Marketing)