Cyber Academy Course Descriptions

Cyber Academy


Introduction to Cyber Security - (offered at home high school beginning 2021-22)

                  Prerequisite:            None

                  Grade:                        9-12

                  Time Frame:             Year (1 period/day)

                  Credit:                        1.00


Year 2 - (for students who completed Year 1 of Cyber Academy during 2020-21)

                  Prerequisite:            Year 1 of Cyber Academy

                  Grade:                        10-12

                  Time Frame:             Year (2 periods/day)

                  Credit:                        2.00


Cyber Academy – (offered at Emerald Campus beginning 2022-23)

                  Prerequisite:            Introduction to Cyber Security

                  Grade:                        10-12

                  Time Frame:             Year (2 periods/day)

                  Credit:                        2.00


The Cyber Academy is comprised of the following courses:


Introduction to Cybersecurity - 444 - (offered at home high school beginning 2021-2022)

In this course, students learn valuable skills to get them started in the rapidly developing and advancing field of Cybersecurity. These skills will prepare them for valuable certification exams and provide the potential for internships in the Cybersecurity Academy.  No prior knowledge of Cybersecurity or computer science is necessary, just a basic understanding of computers and computer systems.  Networks, Systems Security, Cryptography, Information Security, Risk Identification, are among the topics covered in the course. Students complete online learning modules and participate in simulations and authentic, cybersecurity applications. Students may complete, as part of this course, related cybersecurity certifications such as: A+, Network+, Microsoft Security Fundamentals, and Security+.

Prerequisite:         None

Grade:                      9-12

Time Frame:          Year (1 periods/day)

Credit:                      1.00 HS credits


Cybersecurity Academy – 445 - (offered at Emerald Campus 2022-2023)

Students will continue the journey working toward the certifications necessary to be career-ready in the Cybersecurity field. First semester, students will continue to deepen understanding of the topics covered in Introduction to Cybersecurity and expand to digital forensics and other related security topics.  Second semester of Cyber Academy will focus on a “build your own challenge” experience, through which students can define the path and certifications that most interest them. This all ends with the potential for a cybersecurity internship. Students will be expected to complete Comptia Security+ and plan their cybersecurity future with industry mentors.  

Prerequisite:         Introduction to Cybersecurity

Grade:                      10-12

Time Frame:          Year (2 periods/day)

Credit:                      2.00 HS credits