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Anticipated changes to public participation at Board of Education meetings

It is anticipated that changes to public participation procedures at Dublin City Schools Board of Education meetings will be implemented on a trial basis for the first two months of 2022 in an effort to increase dialogue opportunities between board members and the public.

Public participation for action items on the agenda will continue to take place at both meetings of each month. Action items are defined as any item the Board is voting on at that evening’s meeting.

Beginning with the Jan. 24 meeting, public participation for items not on the agenda will be available at the second meeting of each month for any topic members of the school district community wish to address with the Board and discussion time with the Board will be added. In order to participate, topics must be sent to the Superintendent by noon on the day of the meeting. On these second meetings of the month, the Board will begin with a public session from 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. to discuss the submitted topics with the public. The members of the public who submitted the topics are welcome to attend these discussion sessions and interact with the Board on their submitted topics. 

These steps are being taken in an effort to increase dialogue opportunities between District leadership and members of the public while keeping Board meetings themselves focused on District business.  

The Board is expected to evaluate these new procedures during the months of January and February and consider whether to continue meetings in this manner going forward. The District plans to continue live-streaming public participation for on agenda action items and Board presentations in 2022.