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Senior Pictures Are Due December 1st

Class of 2023

Seniors are requested to submit their own professional-looking (preferably studio-taken) picture to the yearbook, which will replace their standard school ID picture. Because of the importance of seniors to the yearbook, the staff will print each photo in full color in its own section of the book.

Please submit your VERTICAL image via Yearbook Snap (either at or the yearbook snap app).

Code: Coffman Yearbook 2023.

Photos are due no later than 3 p.m. on December 1, 2022.

Black & white photos are accepted. Students are welcome to confirm receipt in room
A102. Confirmation emails will not be sent.

If a photo is not received by that time, the student’s school ID photo will be used. There will be no exceptions made for any student or photography studio. The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any photo it believes will not reproduce well, is of poor taste, or does not follow the DCHS, 
student handbook, including the dress code.

Please no pets, props or more than one person per photo.

All pictures will become the property of the DCHS yearbook and will not be returned. If you want to submit or replace a photo after December 1st a late fee (beginning at $50) will be charged.