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Knot Your Average Cafe (and Drink Review)

This article was written by students in the "Writing For Publication" class at Dublin Jerome High School taught by Mrs. Trisler. All views and opinions in the article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions nor policies of Dublin Jerome High School.

Knot Your Average Cafe

Jerome’s new cafe has caught the eye of the whole student body, and yet knot much is known about the behind the scenes.  

by Ella Crakes and JM

Feb 14, 2023

Knot Your Average Cafe (and Drink Review)Students might have noticed the recent arrival of the wonderful-smelling Knot Cafe, an oasis, offering a variety of drinks ranging from delicious hot chocolate to a classic cup of coffee. But many students are wondering what the reason is behind the change from the old school store to the new cafe? Mr. Obney, the originator behind the Knot, said, “Coffman started a collaboration with the Crimson Cup, and it inspired the idea for the Knot.” He goes on to say that the mission of the Knot is to offer kids with alternative needs the opportunity to work in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. As you can see, the Knot is very focused on student betterment, and so far the cafe has been successful. Its progress comes from the students working the counter, and interviewing them gave insight into a fun and strong work environment. Our first conversation with the Knot workers was with a Senior Student Manager, Frank.

Ella: “If you could make any drink in the whole world here at the Knot what would it be?”

Frank: “Definitely a Shamrock Shake.”

Ella: “During March maybe? For St. Patrick’s day?”

Frank: “Seasonal drinks, yeah that could be really fun.”(Frank hopes to add the Shamrock Shake to the March seasonal menu.)

Our interviews gave some great insight into the future of the Knot’s specialty menus and the brilliant, hopeful, addition of seasonal drinks at our very own Jerome High School. The next conversation we had was with Brady, one of the Knots baristas. He shared a hilarious story with us describing his favorite memory from working at the Knot that included the head of this whole operation: Mr. Habayeb.

Brady: “I had screwed up a drink. Looking back it’s funny, and that's what we are here: a serious job but fun at the same time.”

All in all, the Knot Cafe is a spectacular addition to the legacy of Jerome High School. From fun favorite drinks like the Frozen Hot Chocolate to the hope for new future seasonal drinks like the Shamrock Shake, this cafe will be ready for anything, and so are its energetic student workers.

The Knot Drink Review

We’ve tried various drinks from the Knot to give you our honest review!

by The Jerome Writing For Publication Class

Feb. 14, 2023

Jerome’s new Knot Cafe has plenty of drinks to try, but there are only so many things you can drink in a day; so our class has taken the liberty to review some of our favorites!

Frozen Hot ChocolateFrozen Hot Chocolate - Claire McBride (Pictured to the right)

Despite the cold temperatures outside, this frozen drink is perfect if you're looking for something sweet with no espresso in it. With a consistency between a smoothie and a milkshake, this chocolate delight is easy to drink and will satisfy your sweet tooth!

White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino - Rory O’Brien

The white chocolate caramel cappuccino is a very good drink that I recommend. All the flavors were distinct but came together harmoniously; it was an exquisite taste sensation. It was nice and warm and gave me the kick I needed to finish my day.

Knot your average MochaKnot Your Average Mocha - Olivia Went (Pictured to the left)

The Knot Your Average Mocha is a delight-- sweet, cold, and smooth. Although the drink lacks coffee and chocolate flavor (like the typical mocha), it has a strong caramel flavoring with hints of white chocolate. The drink does not remind me much of a mocha; mochas are usually warm with cinnamon, marshmallow, and chocolate syrup, but the Knot Your Average Mocha is a delicious drink. I would definitely get this drink again; it is a fun and interesting twist on the conventional mocha.

Caramel Iced Cold BrewCaramel Iced Cold Brew - Ella Crakes (Pictured to the right)

"Oh WOW!'' This was my first reaction to the Knot's Caramel Iced Cold Brew. The great energy boost has a smooth creamy milk start with a rich coffee bean finish and a hint of caramel. For this being my first time ordering in the cafe, I was impressed with the speed they had while putting together intricate student drinks. The service was fantastic and so was my Caramel Iced Cold Brew. I will definitely be back for seconds.

Vanilla Iced Cold BrewVanilla Iced Cold Brew - Lauren Toth (Pictured to the left)

With sweet vanilla undertones and a light flavor, the Vanilla Iced Cold Brew is the perfect choice for cold-drink lovers. The soft beige color of the beverage perfectly encapsulates its milky, comforting taste. The preparation of this drink was impressively prompt; with all things considered, this menu item could definitely be deemed a classic at the Knot Cafe.

Apple Pie Chai Latte - Haydyn Stoner

The apple pie chai latte was more of a chai tea latte. Personally, I didn't really get the apple pie at all; it was kind of just chai. It was good, but not all the flavor factors were there. I would recommend this drink to anyone who has a soft spot for chai. I would probably get this again during a long day at school.

Caramel Frappe - Hunter Rajan

Upon first impression, the frappe looked like a delight with the creamy iced coffee and tower of whipped cream. The taste was sweet and refreshing, but not too sweet as to overpower the coffee flavor. The whipped cream, interspersed with caramel streaks, was delicious as well and was a perfect addition to the delicious frappe. I'm not the biggest fan of iced coffee myself, but the caramel frappe was definitely addiction-worthy. When trying the drink for the second time, it came without the whipped cream that was there for the first drink. Otherwise, the Knot's caramel frappe is a definite must-have.