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DJHS Students get certified in CPR & AED

DJHS Students learning about CPROn Friday, January 20th, the students enrolled in Health classes at Dublin Jerome High School were certified in CPR as part of their course requirements. The State of Ohio requires all students to pass a Health class and part of the state's required curriculum is that all students be “taught” CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). However, Dublin City Schools takes it a step further and provides that each student receives a Certification from the American Heart Association in CPR, the AED, and First Aid.

The Dublin City Schools CPR Program has been in place for almost 6 years and is an official American Heart Association Aligned Training Site consisting of 10 aligned AHA Instructors. These trainers are from all across the district and include the DCS Safety & Security Coordinators (newly retired police officers), a district nurse, Sports Science teachers, Biomedicine teachers, the Health & Wellness Coordinator, and a bus driver.

DJHS Students learning about CPR

Students who have gone through the training have reported that they’ve been able to use CPR and AED to save real lives. One student saved the life of a person who collapsed at their workplace. Another student responded with CPR and saved a person working out at the gym who collapsed suddenly. We have also had students who have used CPR on their parents in their own home. These students are brave and heroic!

Amanda Spring, the district’s Health & Wellness Coordinator, said that they have certified more than 3,500 students since the year 2020. “We certify around 1,500 students each year and are growing fast. Our teachers are great role models and are passionate about teaching our students how to help others.”

Dublin City Schools covers the cost for all staff, students, and coaches to be trained and staff members who are trained are rewarded with a $25 gift card through the award-winning DCS Employee Wellness Program.

Below is a list of student and staff groups who get certified yearly:

Student Groups:

  • Health Students at Scioto, Jerome, and Coffman
  • IB Students
  • American Red Cross Club Students
  • Aviation Academy Students
  • Sports Science Academy students
  • Biomedicine Students
  • Coffman Medicine Club Students
  • Bridge Students
  • Teacher's Academy Students
  • Social Media Students
  • IT Students

DCS Staff Groups:

  • Nurses and Clinic Aides
  • Administrators
  • Physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists
  • Athletic Coaches
  • Transportation Staff
  • Educational Attendants
  • Latchkey and Preschool Staff
  • School staff at Riverside, Olde Sawmill, Wyandot, Scottish Corners, Bailey, Glacier Ridge Elementary Schools and Karrer and Grizzell Middle Schools
  • Any Employee or DCS building who requests training

The DCS Employee Wellness Program is a national leader and a 6-time Award Winner, earning the highest level for each award. Our CPR program has been our differentiator for these awards. We hope to inspire families and organizations to make safety a top priority for their wellbeing.

  • Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America - National Award
  • Healthiest Employer - National Award
  • Healthy Worksite Award 2018 (Gold)
  • Healthy Worksite Award 2019 (Gold)
  • Healthy Worksite Award 2021 (Gold)
  • Healthy Worksite Award 2022 (Platinum)

If you or your organization would like to be trained in CPR and the use of the AED, please SEE THIS DOCUMENT or contact Amanda Spring for more information.