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German Club Season Summary


Deutschklub celebrated all things German, Austrian, and Swiss by trying their hand at crafting and cooking authentic German, Austrian, Swiss, and German-American dishes.

KeyChainsTo kick off the year, students made Schlüsselhänger (key chains) with their favorite German words or phrases. If only Amazon sold letter beads with umlauts!

Next, we celebrated Oktoberfest, making Laugenbrezeln, traditional soft GermanPretzels 1 pretzels. This is always such a fun blend of culture, carbohydrates, and chemistry, as students have to experiment with the best recipe and methods to have the most delicious pretzel.

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the invention of Gummy Bears by Haribo, so we whipped up our own Gummibären in a variety of fun shapes and delicious flavors to coincide with Halloween. Though we'll admit that Haribo is the best, ours wasn't half bad either!

Gummy BearsWe also joined forces with the French Club to make Flammkuchen, a popular dish in the Alsace region which has changed hands between Germany and France a half dozen times over the last millennium or so. It's similar to a flatbread pizza, but instead of tomato sauce, youPretzles 2 use a creamy white sauce, bacon, and cheese. Lecker!

Another fun (and messy!) comfort food is making homemade Spätzle (egg dumpling/noodles) from scratch. The batter has to be dropped into boiling water using a special tray and then when the noodles are cooked, they are prepared in a variety of ways. We opted for "Käsespätzle", or cheese spätzle, Germany's cousin to mac'n'cheese. To make it, you fry the dumplings in butter and Spatzleonions, top them with cheese and bacon, and enjoy!