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Dublin students to benefit from million-dollar grant

Dublin City Schools is excited to announce that the district has been awarded a grant totaling nearly $1.1 million from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. The goal of this competitive grant is to support the expansion of Dublin City Schools’ pathway curriculum, prioritizing alignment with Ohio’s Top Jobs List and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation Innovative Workforce Incentive Program list.

The grant funds will provide DCS students with resources that enhance academic programming related to engineering, IT and healthcare pathways at the middle and high school levels. Lori Mesi, Coordinator of Secondary Pathways and Partnerships, said “this grant will be an invaluable resource to help Dublin City Schools implement curriculum and purchase equipment.” For example, programming, such as App Creators and Medical Detectives, will be implemented at the middle schools and will provide pathways to high school programming and beyond. Planned purchases also include equipment such as professional grade computers necessary for advanced IT related-applications and development, as well as tools such as robotic arms and industry-related medical technology. Mesi continued, “this equipment and related curriculum are necessary to prepare students for success in these in-demand pathways and provide our students a competitive advantage for success beyond high school.”

In addition to curriculum and equipment, professional development for our teachers will be offered to further align pathways to prepare all students for success in these high-demand fields. As Greg King, Dublin City Schools engineering instructor, shared, “the world and central Ohio are rapidly changing, and in order to prepare students for living and working in this changing world, we need to teach them robotics and the other technologies that are becoming ubiquitous. That means having the equipment and training needed to do the preparation. This grant will give us tools that will help in this important work.” 

“This funding will enable us to enhance and expand our current curriculum and ultimately, ensure all students are prepared for post-secondary success in these in-demand pathways” said Dr. John Marschhausen, Superintendent of Dublin City Schools.