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NRF Foundation named Dublin City Schools as the 2024 RISE Up Partner of the Year.

The NRF Foundation today announced Dublin City Schools as the 2024 RISE Up Partner of the Year. The RISE Up Partner of the Year award recognizes the school district for its success with the NRF Foundation’s RISE Up training and credentialing program in Dublin and for its part in expanding the program across Ohio.

“The NRF Foundation is honored to recognize Dublin City Schools for taking an innovative approach to connecting students to a variety of employers and retailers, ensuring its students are prepared for fulfilling and rewarding careers in retail and throughout their professional careers,” NRF Foundation Executive Director Adam Lukoskie said. “This award reflects the caliber of talent coming through the Dublin City School system and celebrates its efforts to prepare the next generation’s workforce.”

Through the RISE Up partnership, Dublin City Schools gives high school students opportunities with business partnerships that offer real-world, firsthand experiences. The program also allows students the opportunity to learn skills in the workplace. Because of these hands-on experiences at distribution centers and retailers alike, students can engage with the RISE UP program through real-life applications.

“As a traditional school, we build a foundation. It's up to our students, through experiences like RISE Up, to build upon that foundation,” Dublin City Schools Superintendent Dr. John Marschhausen said. “These experiences open doors, foster dreams and help kids think about a better tomorrow.”

The program has seen added success through these innovative collaborations with the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants and the support of many local retailers.

“Dublin Schools' participation in the NRF Foundation RISE Up program has helped students from all parts of the community to unleash the personal talents and learn skills and information needed for a successful career,” said Ohio Council of Retail Merchants President and CEO Gorgon Gough. “The pathway to the workplace gives students foundational skills that will serve them well in a retail and wholesale industry career — or wherever their career path takes them. This is important for their personal success and in building Ohio’s economy of the future.”

The RISE Up Partner of the Year also recognizes the commitment by educators to give students tools and resources to use in their post-education careers. Through Dublin City Schools’ curriculum and programming, students experience firsthand real-life applications like customer service, sales skills, conflict resolution and the functions of marketing, business and supply chain.

“I teach retail to my students because retail has applications across many different career opportunities and fields,” said Mark Mousa, teacher and coordinator of the Young Professional Academy at Dublin City Schools. “The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities with the RISE Up program and how it can help this generation of students learn real-world applications and better prepare themselves for their post-school careers.”

The 2024 NRF Foundation RISE Up Partner of the Year will be celebrated at the NRF Foundation Honors in New York City on Jan. 14. The event will be co-hosted by President and CEO-Elect of Macy’s Inc. and NRF Foundation Board Chairman Tony Spring and Walmart U.S. President and CEO and NRF Board Chairman John Furner.

Launched in 2017, the NRF Foundation’s RISE Up program is currently offered by more than 3,500 partners nationwide.

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