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Esports Club & Competitive Teams Started in Dublin High Schools

This year, Dublin City Schools joined the Esports Ohio league, now with over 150 school districts involved. Students competed virtually on Varsity and JV teams in a variety of games such as Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Supersmash Brothers. Teams from all three schools made it to postseason playoffs this spring, with plans to compete in-person in the 2021 fall season. For those students not participating at the JV or Varsity levels, there is an esports club open to all.

What are Esports? Electronic sports are competitive electronic games of strategy that can be played individually or as a team. Participation benefits for teens include building positive relationships and confidence; developing collaboration, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills; exposure to university scholarship opportunities; and career connections to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) fields. 

There has been steady growth in the field of Esports; with the adoption of esports at The Ohio State University, construction of one of the largest Esports arenas in the nation at Tiffin University. In fact, scholarship money is now available at over 10 universities in the state of Ohio. There are millions in professional earnings available yearly and Esports viewership is growing exponentially.  In 2017, according to data from Nielsen and Rentrak, total cumulative viewership was as follows for major sports finals in 2017: The Super Bowl (124 million), League of Legends (Esports, 58 million), The World Series (38 million), The NBA Finals (32 million), and the Stanley Cup Finals (11 million).  

Any high school student that wants to get involved is welcome to join the District Esports Club and Discord server to connect with other players, participate in events, or to try-out for a competitive team in the fall or spring.