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Second Semester Learning Modes

Dear Parents,

As we approach winter break, I want to bring you up to speed regarding our plans for the second semester, which begins Tuesday, Jan. 5 for students.

On Dec. 16, the District’s data and metric committee, consisting of local volunteer physicians, met to provide their recommendation for the opening of the second semester. Similarly, the protocol committee has made the same recommendation. 

As a result, the District will be moving forward with the following plan for learning:

Elementary and Preschool

  • Continue hybrid on Jan. 5

Middle School

  • Begin remote on Jan. 5
  • Transition to hybrid on Jan. 11

High School

  • Begin remote on Jan. 5
  • Transition to hybrid at the middle to end of January

When middle school returns to hybrid learning, the seven elementary schools that had their start and end times moved up by 30 minutes, will be moved back to their original start and end times.

We understand many in our community would prefer our middle and high school students be back in the classroom for in-person learning. 

Throughout this pandemic, that has been the goal of Dublin City Schools as well. We want all of our students in the classroom, learning in person from one of the best teaching staffs in the country as soon as possible.

We also understand many in our community would prefer our Remote Learning Academy (RLA) and nearly 5,000 students have chosen RLA for the second semester.

The Board of Education, in collaboration with our team of local physicians, will continue to monitor data and other factors during winter break. 

Again, we want all students in school as soon as the local data and other factors taken into consideration (via the District’s learning mode decision making guide) indicate in-person learning is feasible.

The mitigation steps to prevent community spread remain essential to achieving the goal of secondary students returning to in-person learning. 

During winter break, please continue to wear masks, wash your hands and practice social distancing. Our data indicates school is not the source of community spread, but activities taking place outside of the school setting.

Please take this time over winter break to relax and recharge during break. It has been a challenging school year and we can all use some time to refocus. On behalf of the Board of Education, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. 


Todd F. Hoadley, PH.D