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High School and Middle School Remote Learning Information

High School Information

As you are aware Dublin City Schools has changed to REMOTE LEARNING MODE for the remainder of the first semester.  In doing so we will be live streaming our course instruction for all students.  The goal of this is to maximize our district technology to provide increased synchronous instruction (live online) to students throughout the school week during the pandemic. High school students should be available for instruction 5 days a week. 

Students will be expected to attend each academic class during the normally scheduled times on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

  • Wednesdays will be reserved for scheduled teacher/student small group meeting times as determined by the teacher.

Here is the breakdown of the weekly schedule for the remainder of the semester: 






Live Stream via Google Meet

Live Stream via Google Meet

Scheduled teacher instruction: individual, group or other activities.

Live Stream via Google Meet

Live Stream via Google Meet

*Attendance will be taken daily in each academic class

An intention of this initiative is to allow for the full group to connect and then for the teacher to utilize the class time as needed to incorporate the applicable elements of the workshop model, including, but not limited to, short lessons, group or independent work, and differentiated experiences. This will vary by teacher and will include allowing students to hop off the live streaming and work independently.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your building principal.

HS Bell Schedule 

7:55 - 8:44


8:54 - 9:43


9:47 - 10:36


10:40 - 11:29


11:33 - 12:56

FIFTH PERIOD  (A & B LUNCH 11:29 - 11:58; C LUNCH - 12:27 - 12:56)

1:00 - 1:49


1:53 - 2:42


Middle School Information

Beginning on November 30, Dublin City Schools Secondary Schools will move to full remote learning for students who were previously in hybrid.  This change comes as a result in the rise in COVID cases in our community and is necessary to keep our students safe.  All four Dublin Middle Schools will observe the following schedule:

period schedule

​​​Currently, lunch periods have been repurposed for Study Center.  Students will be asked to log in for Study Center as a checkpoint with teachers and will get extra assistance as needed.  Additionally, Music teachers will be in contact with students to develop their every other day schedule.  

This schedule is a change from the previously used schedule in the fall and requires students to log in for ALL of their classes.  As the schedule develops, teachers will communicate with students the learning activities and time needed to be on screen for each class. These times may vary per content area, but will be no less than 20 minutes of direct instruction,  with the teacher being available on-line for all students the entire class. 

If your 8th grade student is enrolled in a first period world language class (being taught by a high school teacher) their instructional method remains the same. 

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through some of these logistics required in this schedule. As with everything during these uncertain times, we have learned from our experiences and continue to improve on things that we are doing at school.  We believe that this schedule provides more direct contact with teachers, consistency throughout the day, daily interactions with classmates, and begins to prepare students for a full day schedule when the district is able to do a 100% return.   

As we prepare for full remote learning, we ask that families prepare a location for your child,  free from distractions in order to set them up for success.  Please help us stress the importance of logging in for every class and fully participating.  We encourage students to have their cameras on during instruction, remain focused on the tasks at hand, and complete all assignments. 

If your child is going to be absent from class, for sick or other reasons, please report your absence to your building's attendance line. COVID related absences or symptoms should still be reported to the school.