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Board of Education passes Resolution to Adjust the DCS School Based Pathway for Grades K-8 from Hybrid to 100 Percent Return Effective 11-2-20

During its regular meeting on Oct. 13, the Dublin City Schools Board of Education passed a resolution returning K-8 students to a traditional, “full-in” school schedule beginning Nov. 2. 

The Board will discuss the possibility of returning students in grades 9-12 to a “full-in” schedule at some point in the near future during it’s Oct. 26 Board of Education meeting. 

Remote Learning Academy (RLA) students will remain in RLA through the end of the first semester. 

The Board of Education noted it will evaluate data again at its Oct. 26 meeting and every two weeks going forward.

You can read the entire resolution at this link.

The District has been working with a consortium of nearly 30 local physicians to establish protocols regarding when a return to “full-in” school would be feasible. Please take a moment to review this document outlining the work of our physician-led committee at this link. Additionally, we would encourage you to watch the recording of the Oct. 13 Board of Education meeting where the Board, and members of the physicians consortium, laid out the rationale for returning K-8 students to the classroom beginning Nov. 2.

There are FOUR important components to the resolution passed by the Board listed below

  1.  For the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, the District will follow the Dublin City Schools Learning Mode Decision Making Guide for the School Based Pathway, as it may be revised from time to time, in collaboration with state and local health departments, Dublin COVID-19 Committees, the District’s participation in The Ohio State University CATS program, and feedback from teachers, staff, administration, and parents.
  2. The District’s student learning mode will be assessed every two (2) weeks based upon consideration of the primary and secondary factors set forth in the Dublin City Schools Learning Mode Decision Making Guide.  If a change in circumstances would result in a proposed shift to a more restrictive learning environment, the District will implement a “watch week” whereby it will remain in the current instructional mode and evaluate data over the course of the week.  If data during the “watch week” continues to result in a proposed shift in the current instructional mode, the District will move to that instructional mode the following Monday after the “watch week.”
  3. Student learning modes may differ among grade levels (elementary, middle, and high) and/or District buildings such that students and/or buildings across the District may not be uniformly in the same learning mode depending on current COVID-19 data and recommendations.
  4. The Superintendent may change movement between instructional modes at the District-level or by individual class, grade-level, or building-level as well as procedures related to safety consistent with orders and recommendations issued by The Ohio State University Department of Public Health, Franklin County Public Health (FCPH), Columbus Public Health, and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) in response to COVID-19 with notification to the Board and community as additional guidance becomes available.  The Board gives this authority to the Superintendent so that he may respond quickly to increase levels of safety precautions within the District when circumstances so require.

We would encourage you to view the District’s COVID-19 online dashboard at this link. A partnership with The Ohio State University, this dashboard will provide our community with the most accurate local COVID-19 data. The OSU COVID-19 Analytics and Targeted Surveillance (CATS) system for schools is a collaborative project designed to:

  • Inform school and district leaders about emerging trends in COVID-19 cases in their districts, surrounding districts and county, and
  • Inform students and parents about rationale for decisions made regarding changes to learning modes during the school year.

Additional information will be distributed by your school and posted on the District’s website in the coming days.