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Welcome to Hopewell

Hello Hopewell Families,

I want to welcome you and your family to Hopewell Elementary! My name is Susann Wittig and I am thrilled to serve as the principal of Hopewell Elementary. Sarah Wilcox has recently been named the assistant principal at Hopewell. Mrs. Wilcox will be transitioning to Hopewell from Glacier Ridge Elementary. We are looking forward to getting to know all of our students and families and creating an exciting year of learning and growing together at Hopewell Elementary!

The Hopewell staff created a welcome video. Please click on this link to meet our staff.  Please join me in welcoming the following staff members to Hopewell Elementary:


Principal: Susann Wittig

Assistant Principal: Sarah Wilcox

Guidance: Jodi Cooper

Administrative Assistant/Spec Ed Secretary: Lara Beuhring, Melinda Norfleet

K:  Marcus Crabtree, Lauren Scott, Alex Rhoades

1st Grade: Bethany Hansen, Mary Brothers, Megan Flaherty, Wendy Zimmerman, Tyler McClain, Jacquie Grundei

2nd Grade: Sara Ramsey, Shelley Moreland, Lauren Barkhurst, Kristen Risner, Jamie Leinberger

3rd Grade: Lynsey Burkins, Jodi Bisher, Sarah Parrett, Katie Papesh, Katie Kopchak

4th Grade: Andrea Smith, Nick Bertrams, Sarah Loftin, Jayme Obney

5th Grade:Michelle Cooper, Laura Knape, Dani Hogan, Molly Love, Tyra Galloway

Intervention Specialists: Kaitlyn Berry, Rose Hawk, Grace Moore, Sandy Swan, Taylor Kiehl, Nate Stierhoff, Ashley Small

Gifted Intervention Specialist: Mac McNeil

Paraprofessionals: Brandon Bachor, Tina Beier, Carla Cook, Susan Windle, Jessica Chelton, Susy Grant, Marianna Wittich, Val Bomar, Melissa Rower

Library Aide/Building Educational Attendant: Kelly Demos, Maureen Force

Reading/Math Support: Jessica Ardelea, Katie Dicesare, Donna Johnson, Heather McCreary, Kelsey Bivenour

EL: Stella Villalba, Kyle Hildebrandt, Akane Van Suche, Sara Hammond, Katrina Weber

Related Arts: TJ Simmons/Amy Cowan, Drew Parry/Nathan Hansen, Dameon Jones/Riley Bivens 

Speech: Christa Pratti

OT/PT/APE/Psycg: Molly Holstein, Alli Rish, Ronni Valentino, Shelley Tantlinger

Instructional Coachs: Mary Kate Patterson, Hannah Tills, Chelsea Arens, Hillary Larbus

School Resource Officer: Officer Kathy Evans


School Supply Sale: 

If you would like to purchase a school supply kit for your child for next fall, please click on this link. The supply sale will end on July 1st. All school supply kits will be delivered directly to your child’s classroom at Hopewell in early August. 



Please join me in welcoming our new  PTO board members: 

President/CoPresident- Melinda Norfleet/Mollie Zook

VP-Megen Lefferts/Barry Cunningham

Secretary- Erin Stockdale

Treasurer- Lindsey Scott

More information on upcoming PTO meetings and events will be coming soon! 


Website:  Please be sure to check our Hopewell website regularly for the most updated information.  You can also follow us on twitter @hweDCSD.

Facebook: Families of Hopewell Elementary 


Several important dates are listed below to help you plan for the first few weeks of school next fall. These dates are subject to change based on the COVID status. We will also be adding a school community calendar on the Hopewell website soon. 

Aug 12      Hopewell Ribbon Cutting and School Tours

Aug 17       Meet Your Teacher Open House (Come anytime between 3:45-6 p.m.)

Aug 19       First Day for Students in grades 1-5

Aug 19 & 20  Phase in days for Kindergarten students 

Aug 21        ALL K students attend

Sept 7     Labor Day – No School

I’m looking forward to seeing you in August! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if I can help assist you as we transition to Hopewell!




Mrs. Susann Wittig

Hopewell Elementary Principal