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State Report Card Results


The Ohio Department of Education recently released the state report cards for Ohio schools. The report cards include five components that receive ratings from one to five stars. Report cards provide information on the progress of districts and schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. Dublin City Schools received 5 Stars on the Gap Closing, Progress, and Graduation Components, 4 Stars on the Achievement Component, and 3 Stars of the Early Literacy Component.

The College, Career, Workforce and Military Readiness Component will be rated starting with the class of 2025. As a District, we are proud of the range of post-high school options that our students pursue. From the Class of 2022, 731 students met College Remediation free scores on the ACT and/or SAT and 20 students enlisted in a branch of the military, enrolled in an academy, or joined an ROTC program. Over 400 students completed an Emerald Campus Career Academy or Tolles Career Technical Center program.

However, Ohio School Report Cards are not the only measure of the success or accomplishments of a school or district. In addition to the state report card, the District monitors individual student growth through the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment in Reading and Mathematics. Last year 71% of our Dublin students were at or above the national average for Mathematics and 69% of students were at or above the national average for Reading after Spring MAP testing. 

The 2022 Guide to Ohio School Report Cards provides an overview and explanation of the key components of the report cards. Districts and schools will not receive overall star ratings this year.