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Student Flu Shot Schedule and Permission Form

Dublin Schools Student Flu Clinic Schedule 2021

VENDER: Walgreens

ELIGIBILITY: Dublin City School Students

STUDENT CONSENT FORM: Complete this form with your insurance info and return it to your building's clinic by Sept. 22.

QUESTIONS: Ask your building nurse or clinic aide

Student Flu Shot Schedule 2021
Building Date (2021) Time Room
Coffman HS 10/21 12:45-2:45PM PAC Lobby
Jerome HS 10/22 12:45-2:45PM CPA Lobby
Scioto HS 9/30 12:45-2:45PM Library
Emerald Campus 10/4 12:30- 1:30PM EC Hall
Davis MS 10/27 12:00-2:00PM Media Center
Grizzell MS 10/28 12:00-2:00PM Room 113
Karrer MS 10/27 12:00-2:00PM Aux Gym
Sells MS 10/28 12:00-2:00PM Library
Eversole Run MS 10/27 12:00-2:00PM Room 1137
Bailey ES 9/29 12:30-2:30PM Stage
Chapman ES 9/29 12:30-2:30PM Staff Lounge
Deer Run ES 9/30 12:30-2:30PM Room 124
Depp ES 10/1 12:30-2:30PM Staff Lounge
Glacier Ridge ES 10/1 12:30-2:30PM Conference Room
Hopewell ES 10/6 12:30-2:30PM Gym
Indian Run ES 10/6 12:30-2:30PM Room 103
Olde Sawmill ES 10/7 12:30-2:30PM Art Room 161
Pinney ES 10/14 12:30-2:30PM Room 108
Riverside ES 10/8 12:30-2:30PM Room 135
Scottish Corners ES 10/8 12:30-2:30PM Staff Lounge
Thomas ES 10/11 12:30-2:30PM Stage
Wright ES 10/14 12:30-2:30PM Room 120
Wyandot ES 10/13 12:30-2:30PM Stage