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2023-2024 Kindergarten Enrollment/Information

Kindergarten Information Night Slide Show

  • This information was shared at our kindergarten information night 4/18/2023 at SCE.  We welcome all families to review important information here.

Placement (AM/PM) Preference Form

  • The placement of students into classroom groups for next year is an important task that we take very seriously. Many factors are considered when placing students; work habits, behaviors, academic achievement, social needs, and learning styles. As we begin planning class placements for 2023-2024, use this form to share any relevant information that you feel would assist the team in determining the best classroom placement. Please do not request a specific teacher by name.
    Please submit this form on or before May 8th.

Kindergarten Screening Sign-Up

  • July 17 and July 18 we will host a kindergarten screening. You can find additional details on the powerpoint above.

DCS Kindergarten Enrollment Information