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Arrival/Dismissal at SCE


  • Above, you will find a graphic of our pick-up drop off times and locations. 
  • Arrival: Please do not arrive prior to 9:00 as there is no supervision for students. Students may be dropped off from 9-9:10am.
  • Dismissal: Dismissal will begin at 3:36. We dismiss our latchkey students/walkers, followed by the car line and then daycare busses/busses as they arrive.
  • Walkers/biker riders will use the same doors as last year as noted below.
  • Bus riders will continue to use the main front loop.
  • Daycare bus riders will now join the main front loop instead of using a side entrance.
  • Car Riders: Our car riders will use the parking lot entrance door. Families will use Sells Mill Drive and pull into the lot. Children should be on the right hand side of the car so that staff can help them out.  Students will then be dropped off to staff/picked up from staff at the curb, and the car will circle through the parking lot and out onto the street. We have staff on duty to help direct this process. We know that Sells Mill will continue to be backed up but due to our location there is no way around this. There truly is no need to arrive early. We are able to get everyone through the car line typically in a very efficient manner and we believe this will help our process.
  • If your child is going to have a change of routine for dismissal, PLEASE email your child's teacher AND the office (email prior to 12:00pm that day. This helps us keep a safe and efficient process at dismissal.

Crossing Guards:

  • If your child is walking/riding a bike to/from school, please have a conversation with them about safety rules and practice prior to the first day of school. We do our best to have a crossing guard at all locations, but at times emergencies arise and we are not able to fill a location or get communication out as timely as we would like. All students should feel safe crossing without a crossing guard (with the exception of Sells Mill/Avery Muirfield. We always have two guards at that location). If your child does not feel safe or you do not feel comfortable with this, this is a sign that they may not be ready for this responsibility.
  • That being said, we have the following locations staffed and ready to help children and families safely come to/from school. Sells Mill (front crosswalk), Sells Mill and Schoolcraft, Sells Mill parking lot, Tara Hill and Wichita, Avery/Muirfield Drive, Sells and Shady Nelms.