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Board lowers elementary class caps

During its regular meeting on Feb. 10, the Board of Education unanimously approved new class size caps for grades K-5. A cap means if a student moves into an attendance area that is capped at a specific grade level, that new student would be bussed to a school where there was capacity.

“Lowering these caps is a logical outcome of the success of Issue 5 in Nov. 2018,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Hoadley. “With two new schools coming on board in the fall, we are in a position to reduce class sizes going forward.”

Those grade level caps are:

These caps return the District to the 2011 cap level. After a levy and bond issue failure in 2011, the caps were raised to address a growing student population. Since that time, our community has approved two issues providing us with enough new classroom space to now make a meaningful impact on class sizes.

“Our teachers have done a great job with class sizes higher than we’d like them to be,” Dr. Hoadley said. “Smaller class sizes has long been a community priority and we are pleased to be able to reduce the maximum number of students permitted in each classroom at the elementary level.”

Lowering of class caps does not mean all schools will have the same number of students in a given classroom. That will never be possible due to factors beyond the District’s control, such as, for example, the number of fourth graders who live in a certain attendance area.

During our K-8 redistricting process this past fall, we heard some concerns about providing more resources to schools with more needs based on demographics.

Consequently, schools with 25% or more of its population qualifying for free and reduced lunch, the caps are one student lower.


“We have always been committed to placing resources where they are most needed and we will continue to do so,” Dr. Hoadley said. “Some of our schools have higher percentages of students on free and reduced lunch and/or English Language Learners than others. We are committed to ensuring ALL students in our District are fully supported at the appropriate levels.”