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Community Satisfaction Survey Results Indicate Strong Support for DCS

More than 80 percent of our community is happy with the quality of education being provided to our more than 16,000 students.

A recent community satisfaction survey asked a randomly chosen group of 460 residents several questions about their feelings on a wide variety of topics.

More than 72 percent of our community is pleased with our teaching staff, and the approval rating jumps to 86 percent among parents.

About 61 percent of the community is satisfied with how the District manages its finances.

"This is a tribute to Brian Kern and his department," said Superintendent Dr. John Marschhausen. "We plan to stretch the current levy cycle to 2024."

Fifty-eight percent approve of the District's support of students with a wide variety of cultures.  About 51 percent approve of the construction of additional schools to deal with the District's growth.

You can view the survey results here.