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Frequently Asked Questions

IRE Logo

80 West Bridge Street – Dublin, OH - 43017

Phone: 614-764-5928  Fax: 614-764-5998

Attendance line:  614-718-8776


Principal: Jen Schwanke

Assistant Principal:  Jaclyn Palone              

School Counselor: Andrew Phillips           

Attendance/Spec. Ed. Secretary: Angie Wahlenmaier

Administrative Secretary: Jenni Kluz


School Hours:  9:10 am to 3:40 pm

*Students may enter the building at 9:00 am.


Welcome to Indian Run!  We are happy to have you!

Indian Run is the oldest elementary school in the Dublin City School system, though we enjoy a modernized building through ongoing facility updates.  We pride ourselves in the work we do to develop students who are eager to learn, capitalize on creative and collaborative learning opportunities, and grow into confident readers, writers, and thinkers. 

Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions.  As always, call our main office if you have any questions or concerns for our building staff.  


Help!  My child is going to be absent.  What should I do?

Please call the 24-hour ATTENDANCE LINE at 614-718-8776 by 9:30 AM.

When your child returns to school, please send a note explaining the absence.  If you know in advance that your child will be absent for multiple days, you’ll need a Pre-Arranged Absence form from the office.


We’re running late… or leaving early.

If your student arrives late (after 9:10 am), both parent and child will need to report to the office to sign in. If a student is leaving school early for an appointment, please send an email to the teacher and Mrs. Wahlenmaier in the office.  A parent must go to the office and sign the child out.  


When is recess?

All students have a 30 minute recess every day (kindergarten = 15 minutes).

We have outdoor recess on all days that are weather permitting. See the Elementary Handbook online for more details.


What is Latchkey?

Latchkey is a child care program available before/after school. You can contact this program by calling 614-793-0871 or visiting


I need transportation information!

  • All Indian Run students have bus transportation provided.  Bus stop locations and bus numbers for your child can be found online.  
  • If your child needs to ride a bus to or from an alternate childcare location other than their home within the school’s attendance area, a parent must complete an Alternative Transportation Request form (available online). 
  • If, on special occasions, your child is to ride a bus to a friend’s house, both parents are to write a permission note.  The notes should be turned in to the teacher, who will obtain office authorization. Students will not be permitted to ride unless notes are received from both parents. No changes will be made to your child’s end of day plans without a written note from the parents. 


Tell me about before school Drop-Off and After School Pick up!

Parent drop-off and pick up occurs BEHIND Indian Run.  There is a car line that forms in the parking lot. You can access this area by using North Street or Rock Cress Parkway (adjacent to the Dublin Library).  Drop off begins at 9 a.m. in the mornings; pick up begins at 3:35 p.m.


How do I get school news or classroom updates?

Teachers send out frequent updates, and you will receive a weekly school news update.  We post a lot of information on our “Families of Indian Run” Facebook page and on Twitter @ireDCSD.

Teachers are your front line of communication about your child’s progress.  Contact your child’s teacher directly with questions or concerns. We also host parent-teacher conferences in the fall and the spring.


Is there someone to help us with community resources? 

Sometimes, challenges like family, living, or employment changes happen.  Mr. Phillips, the school counselor at IRE, connects families in need to community resources. You can reach him at to learn about resources available in our community. 


How can I apply for free/reduced lunch?

The application can be found at under “Parent Resources.”  


How can I get involved?

Our PTO is always looking for help!  Call the office for contact information for our PTO President.  All classroom volunteers are arranged in advance with the classroom teacher. Volunteer applications are available on the district website.