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Columbus State provides affordable higher education options

One of Dublin City Schools’ most important higher education partners is Columbus State Community College.

In these economically challenging and uncertain times, Columbus State provides an affordable higher education option for our students and parents. 

Columbus State is building a better way to progress through college to a career for students who want more options. As Ohio’s largest provider of College Credit Plus (CCP) courses, Columbus State’s innovative programs and strong partnerships with school districts, four-year universities, and employers keep high-quality higher education accessible, affordable, and relevant to the workforce. 

By enrolling in CCP, students can take college courses through Columbus State to earn free college credit and fulfill their high school graduation requirements at the same time. Not only does this offset the cost and time it takes to earn a college degree, but it also gives students the advantage of learning how to meet a college-level standard of academic rigor, preparing them for even more success when they transfer to a four-year university.

By starting at Columbus State, earning an associate degree, and then transferring to complete a bachelor’s degree, students reap all the benefits of the traditional college path, and save tens of thousands of dollars – graduating with little to no student debt. Learn more about how Columbus State is changing the college-debt conversation.

With highly respected faculty and academic programs, and unparalleled student support, the College’s deep commitment to student success makes it a trusted leader in online, blended and in-person education. All of this adds up to an incredible value for students and families.

In Dublin City Schools, students can begin earning college credits through public colleges and universities, such as Columbus State, while still being a full-time high school student with us.  This opportunity is available through the CCP program, a state of Ohio initiative to offer high school students the opportunity to take college/university courses at no cost to students and families.

When our students take CCP courses at our Emerald Campus through Columbus State, these classes represent tuition-free college credit. 

Students can take up to 30 credits per year, with a maximum of 120 credits throughout the program.  With the cost of CSCC being about $158 a credit hour, this savings equates to $19,000 at CSCC and double or triple that cost at other colleges.

Additionally, CSCC students who participated in at least two CCP classes as a senior are eligible for $500 to cover tuition and fees for the summer 2020 term. This is in addition to the $1,000 Momentum Award they will receive for Autumn Semester & Spring Semester tuition and fees.

Columbus State credits are highly transferable. The College is a Preferred Pathway partner for nine Central Ohio universities and has active transfer partnerships with 21 colleges and universities in Ohio and beyond. And, as an Ohio public college, Columbus State works with all other public institutions in the state to help students transfer smoothly.

In 2019-20, about 626 DCS students took post secondary classes through Columbus State in-person at the District’s Emerald Campus. About another 100 additional students also took CCP courses online and/or on the Columbus State campus.

CCP courses are available to students entering grades 7-12. However, students and parents should weigh the benefits, risks, and potential consequences of participation.  Students mature at different rates and some are ready to take on added responsibilities and mature content while others are not.

Other Dublin City Schools courses can also be taken for college credit. For example, students in our IT Academy at Emerald Campus can receive CCP credit upon completion.

Information about CCP courses offered at the Dublin City Schools Emerald Campus can be found at this link. For additional information, please contact your home school guidance counselor when school is back for the fall.

Letters of intent to participate in CCP are due each spring by April 1. Plan ahead now for next year if your student is interested in participating in CCP. For more information about College Credit Plus at Columbus State, visit To learn more about Columbus State, join us for Discover Columbus State Week, a live virtual visit event, July 7-10. To apply, visit

For more information about Columbus State programs visit

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