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Bailey 101



Principal - Shawn Ritter 

School Counselor - Kara Strine

Administrative Secretary: Cheryl Williams

Special Ed./Attendance Secretary: Andrea Higley

Our School Day

Students in Grades 1-5: 9:00am - 3:40pm 

Kindergarten Students: 9:10AM - 11:50 AM & 1:00PM - 3:40PM 

Quick Facts: (20-21)

Current Enrollment - 580 students (K-5)

Average Class Size: 22.3  

Related Arts: Art, Library, Music, Physical Education 

Bailey PTO (20-21)

President: Christa Aylward 

PTO Website:

Annual PTO Events:  Bailey at the Bogey, Holiday Shoppe, Bailey Bingo Night, Mini Course Night, Bailey 5K, Bailey Bash

Reporting Student Absences

Please call the 24-hour ATTENDANCE LINE at 614-718-8701 by 9:30 AM when your child is going to be absent from school or arrive late.  State law requires that we receive a report from a parent or guardian regarding absences.  You will be contacted in the event that a call is not placed to the school. Should we be unable to reach you, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.  Please send a note explaining the absence once your child returns to school. If you know in advance that your child will be absent for multiple days, please obtain a Pre-Excused Absence form from the office or district website and complete it 3 days prior to the student’s absence.

Student Tardies

If your student arrives late (after 9:10 am), parent and child will need to report to the office. The parent will sign the child in and the student will be given an Admission Pass to give to his/her teacher.  If a student leaves school early, a parent must go to the office and sign the child out.  The office staff will call the classroom and the child will be sent to the office to meet the parent. A note or email should be sent to school regarding any early dismissal. 


A Latchkey program is available before and after school.  There are no services after AM Kindergarten or before PM Kindergarten.  You can contact this program by calling 614-793-0871.

Bus Information

The AM Kindergarten students who live on a Bailey Elementary bus route will ride the bus to school with students in grades 1-5.  The PM Kindergarten students who live on a Bailey Elementary bus route will ride home at the end of the day with students in grades 1-5. 

The AM Kindergarten students will ride a Kindergarten bus home at the end of the morning unless other arrangements are made.  The PM Kindergarten students will ride a kindergarten bus to school unless other arrangements are made.  

A bus driver will call parents just before school begins notifying parents of the bus stop location and approximate pick-up or drop-off time. Any questions regarding bus transportation for Kindergarten should be directed to the DCS Transportation Department at 614-764-5926.

If your child needs to ride a bus to or from an alternate childcare location other than their home within the school’s attendance area, a parent must complete an Alternative Transportation Request form to apply for the bus to pick up or drop off student at a different location.  This form is available in the school office.

If, on special occasions, your child is to ride a bus to a friend’s house, both parents are to write a note giving their permission.  The notes should be given to the office secretaries who will then write a “Bus Pass.” One of the students will be given the “Bus Pass” and the student will give it to the bus driver when they are getting on the bus. Students will not be permitted to ride unless notes are received from both parents. No changes will be made to your child’s end of day plans without a written note from the parents. 

Class and School News

You are strongly encouraged to check your child’s book bag each day. Check our website for important notices and dates of upcoming events. Be sure and sign up for our weekly updates via School Messenger.  You can also follow us on Twitter, @besdcsd and @baileyprincipal

Communications Between Parents and Staff

Communication between parents and school staff is essential to your child’s success in school.  Teachers may be contacted by voice mail, e-mail, or by sending in a note with the child. Conferences are scheduled in the fall and late winter.  Other conferences may be scheduled if the need arises. 


All visitors are to report to the school office upon entering the building.  A visitor is anyone other than school staff members. Visitors must sign in and obtain a badge before going anywhere in the building.  All visitors are expected to wear the badge while they are in the school. Upon leaving, visitors should sign out. (Due to COVID, this protocol is subject to change for the 20-21 school year).


There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer in our school.  Volunteer opportunities include classroom volunteers, mystery readers, media center volunteers and volunteers at PTO events.  All volunteers are arranged in advance with the classroom teacher. (Due to COVID, this protocol is subject to change for the 20-21 school year).

Volunteer applications are available on the district website. Be prepared to present your ID if requested.