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Reporting Absences

Attendance Reminders for Parents


The Ohio Revised Code classifies absence from school as excused or unexcused. The statutes governing school attendance are very specific and leave limited options for school authorities to excuse children from school. The following conditions constitute reasons for excused absence from school: 

  1. Personal illness 
  2. Illness in the family necessitating the presence of the child 
  3. Quarantine of the home 
  4. Death in the family 
  5. Observation or celebration of a religious holiday 
  6. National “Take Your Child to Work Day” 
  7. Travel (up to a maximum of four (4) days per school year) to participate in a District-approved enrichment or extracurricular activity. Other cause as may be acceptable to the Superintendent or designee
  8. Other cause as may be acceptable to the Superintendent or designee

Day of Absence:

Email to notify the school of an absence. Please include your student’s name and reason for absence. If an email or note from home is not received by 9:15 am, the automated system will contact you inquiring about your child’s absence from school.

Important points to remember:

  • We no longer accept phone calls as notification of absences. We must have an email or a note from the parent/guardian or doctor. 
  • Copying your child’s teacher on the email to is very helpful. Teacher emails are

Pre-Arranged Absence Forms:

Required for absences of three days or longer. Pink forms can be found in the rotating rack located in the lobby as you enter the school.