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Gifted and Talented!

Dublin is fortunate to be a community with many high-achieving, high-performing and successful individuals. To recognize and nuture the diverse talents of our students in all grades and schools, we rely on our DCS Gifted Services team.

Defining Gifted

Gifted students, as defined by the Ohio Department of Education, are those who exhibit remarkable potential for high levels of accomplishment when compared to their peers in terms of age, experience, or environment. The district relies on approved assessments to identify students in several areas, including superior cognitive ability, math, reading, creative thinking, and, recently added, visual and performing arts.

Gifted Services at DCS

The continuum of gifted services at DCS aims to challenge and enrich the educational experiences of learners. To accomplish this, the district employs 23 Gifted Intervention Specialists and a Gifted Services Coordinator. These specialists not only cater to the needs of formally identified gifted learners but also expand enrichment opportunities and develop talent in all students, including those who may not be formally identified as gifted but possess exceptional abilities.

By the Numbers

New this year, DCS introduced visual and performing arts as an area of identification. Through nomination and performance evaluations (display of work, audition, or other performance or exhibition), a student may be identified as a result of demonstrating superior ability in drama/theater, vocal or instrumental music, dance, or visual art. This addition provides an exciting opportunity to recognize and celebrate talents in the arts that may not have been acknowledged previously.

Our Gifted Services team is just one example of our dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning
environment that prepares all students for success.