Emerald Campus Parking Instructions

  • Students attending the Emerald Campus may opt to drive, ride a shuttle, or be dropped off (and picked up) at EC.  However, all students are heavily encouraged to ride the provided shuttle to minimize travel time and congestion in the EC parking lot.  This recommendation is especially for students who depart their home school in the middle of the day and need to return to their home school at some point.  Although students are heavily encouraged to take the shuttle bus to EC, parking is available in limited, designated spaces. 

    For students who want to park at EC that are traveling between EC and the home high school, complete the following steps:

    • Buy a parking pass at your home high school (Note: students will only pay the one parking fee at the home high school)
      • Note: You must still follow the home school rules for obtaining a parking pass.  If you cannot purchase a parking pass, you will not be able to purchase just a pass for Emerald.  Students will need to use the provided shuttles to travel between the home school and EC.  Here is the shuttle schedule.
    • Have a parent/guardian sign the Emerald Campus driving permission form
    • Show your parking pass and driving form at the Emerald Campus front desk to receive an EC parking sticker. If you already have your driving form, let us know when you bring in your parking pass; we will have the permission form on file and will give you the sticker.

    For students only attending EC, complete the following steps:

    *All student parking locations are on the map graphic below in blue.  Student drivers MUST park ONLY in these designated student parking areas


Parking Lot Image with student spots identified