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    Both the Young Professionals Academy (YPA) and Dublin Co-Op offer semester-long internship experiences. Read below to determine the best fit.

    Young Professionals Academy (YPA) is a level-one internship opportunity for students looking to learn how to market their skills and abilities to others while participating in two six-week professional workplace learning experiences. Students will also need to attend seminar days at the Emerald Campus for in-class school work. The instructor will support students in finding and setting up internship opportunities.

    Dublin Co-Op is a level-two internship opportunity for students who already possess independent skills and the know-how to secure an internship. Students need time during or outside the school day to complete the Co-Op hours. Students are required to connect virtually with the instructor and be self-driven for the remainder of the time. Visit the Dublin Co-Op Webpage. Questions? Contact Mr. Drew Jones, Dublin Co-Op Instructor.

    Young Professionals’ Academy (YPA) Course Description:

    • The Young Professionals’ Academy (YPA) assists students in developing the skills, knowledge, and expertise to succeed in work and life. Through classroom lessons and two professional workplace learning experiences, YPA students work to develop the critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills required for success in college and careers. In addition to site visits and internships, students will need to attend seminars and blended days at the Emerald Campus. 
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    Internship Coordinator:
    Mr. Mark Mousa, Young Professionals Academy

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  • "YPA was a great experience for me.  It helped me get valuable insight into the city and regional planning profession, which is what I was interested in at the time.  My internship with the City of Dublin Planning Department went so well that it solidified my decision that this was the right direction for me.  I am currently a CRP major at The Ohio State University.  I still have connections with the amazing people from the City of Dublin and they don't hesitate to help me when I have questions.  The YPA teachers were amazing as well, they are very patient and they what what is best for each student.  I'm extremely grateful for YPA and I strongly reccommend thta any senior in Dublin take advantage of the program." 

    -Evan Mitchell, 2020 Dublin Coffman graduate

    "YPA was very helpful in getting me prepared for my college years, future interviews, and jobs. After taking this course, I now know how to act confident and professional in nerve wracking situations that I will come across in my career. I strongly suggest this course to anyone in high school that is looking to further improve their professionalism!"

    -Sidney Boroff, 2020 Dublin Coffman graduate

    "YPA was a positive experience because it helped me make connections with people who are currently working my dream job. I got to learn all about the everyday life of an optometrist to see if I really want to pursue optometry. I also learned a lot of skills that I have seen people struggle with figuring out in college, such as making a resumé, a professional website, and a LinkedIn profile. I am so thankful for this class that provided me with lessons that will help me when it comes to applying for a variety of positions."

    -Tasnime Miari, 2021 Dublin Coffman senior

    “The experiences and skills I gained from YPA prepared me for college. I came to campus with internship experience and connections within the business field. I’m thankful that what I learned through YPA translates to the content my professors are teaching in my business classes."

    -Lauren Bradstreet, 2020 Dublin Coffman graduate
    "YPA is a course that allows you to take a major step towards your future career path. It is a hands-on class in which you'll gain real world experience, rather than just hearing/seeing it in a lecture. It's a great fit for you if you are looking to build your professional skill set and determine/confirm your interest in a potential job."
    -Ashima Srivastava, 2021 Dublin Scioto senior 
    “YPA was by far the most impactful class I took in high school. For the first time, I was able to experience first hand the day-to-day life of the careers I was considering. As a college student, the skills I built and documents I created in YPA are being used now more than ever.  I am so thankful for the experience and knowledge I gained in YPA!"
    -Katie Mckibben, 2020 Dublin Jerome graduate
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YPA Student Testimonial

YPA Student Testimonial

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