Biomedical Research Academy

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  • The Biomedical Research Academy is an integrated immersion into biology, research, physiology, and art. The program is designed for students with a strong interest in careers in the areas of medicine, nursing, research, or other allied health science fields. Students who participate in the Biomedical Research Academy will use a problem-based approach to develop a strong foundation in the practices of biomedical professionals and will gain significant career exposure through regular guest speakers. The course content is rigorous and fast-paced. Each student will design, conduct, and present a year-long individualized biomedical research study. This academy fulfills the advanced science graduation requirement.

    The Biomedical Research Academy is open to students from all three high schools.  Students who are participating will travel to the Emerald Campus for a 2-period block.

    Credentials Possible: CPR Certification, First Aid Certification

    Due to the rigor of this program, only students with a strong academic performance in math and science will be accepted for participation. A limited number of seats are available in this program. If the requests exceed capacity, priority will be based on seniority and review of academic performance.


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