Academics & Student Learning Team

  • Under the leadership of the Deputy Superintendent, Mrs. Jennifer Schwanke, the Department of Academics and Student Learning is committed to providing our students with world-class instruction and a well-rounded educational experience.

Division of Teaching and Learning

  • The Division of Teaching and Learning supports the K-12 academic programming through rigorous curriculum and child-centered instructional practices. Their focus is on development, planning, implementing and assessing curriculum, as well as providing professional development for staff and educational technology initiatives.

    To learn more, visit the Division of Teaching and Learning homepage.

Division of Student Services

  • The Division of Student Services includes Special Education, Gifted Education, English Learners, and Student Health and Wellness. This team directs and supports the development, implementation, and operation of educational programs and services that meet the unique needs of gifted students, English learners, and students with disabilities. The division provides instructional leadership and coordination of early childhood, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary transition programs. Our goal is excellence and equity for all students through our focus on:

    • Student growth and achievement
    • Program design and efficiency
    • Professional development

    To learn more, visit the Division of Student Services homepage.