General PTO Board Meeting Minutes

Grizzell Middle School PTO

Date:  February 18, 2015                                                      

Location:  Grizzell Middle School

Meeting Called to Order By:           Jenny Smith                           

Time:  1:00pm

Attendance:  10

Minutes:  The January 2015 PTO minutes were available for online review. There was a motion to accept the minutes by Shelley Walter as presented, and Kim Hull seconded. All were in favor. The minutes were approved.

Guest Speakers:  Janet Jenkins

Janet is a registered dietician and school cook in Dublin.  There is a lot of misinformation about what to eat.  USDA- started in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln as an advocacy organization for farmers.  Over the years, the USDA began setting dietary guidelines and have a conflict of interest with the farming industry.  Dr. Pam Popper, at The Wellness Forum, in Columbus, OH says, “We can eat our way into disease and we can eat our way out of disease”.  The Standard American Diet is processed food.  Don’t get fooled by the marketing campaign on the front of food boxes. 

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  Author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  The Cleveland Clinic gave him 24 sick people, he put them on a whole food plant based diet.  6 people quit the study and all had failed health.  18 of the patients who stayed on the diet had improved health, many taken off all medications.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell- author of The China Study, the most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted.  Turned cancer on and off with animal protein.   “ Casein (milk based protein) is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered.”  Organic milk will have less hormones. 

Whole food plant based diet is naturally low in fat and high in fiber. 

Eating tips:  Drink at least 64 oz. of filtered water every day.  The ELMO diet (Eat, less, more , often)- 5-6 smaller meals during the day. Go off dairy to treat acne.  High added sugars causes ‘spike and crash’ effect.  High amount of sugars depresses the immune system.  Do not use any oils in diet.  Phytochemicals are found in fruits and vegetables orange and purple red in color. 

Skills for making dietary changes with kids:  Don’t negotiate with children- You are not running a cafeteria.  Don’t lecture- wait for teachable moments.  Draw the line about what you will and will not serve at home.  Begin with what they like and clean up those foods, Once a week try something new.

Principal’s Report:  Corinne Evans

·      Thank you to all PTO committees.

·      Spring sports conditioning started this week.

·      Little Mermaid play begins this week.  Shows Thursday – Saturday at the rec center.

·      PARCC testing starts next week.  Lots of misinformation out in media.  Tests will not affect GMS grades. Parents can opt kids out of taking the tests.  Tests are a federal law.  School districts in Ohio can’t opt out of giving the tests.  Individual results will not be available until next year.     

Officers’ Reports:

Presidents’ Report:

·      Kim Hull presented information from Key Communicators meeting:  The 3 Dublin City Schools building additions proposals are on the Dublin City School’s website.  The ‘winning’ addition will be completed by the 2016/2017 school year. 

·      Summer Camp Fair- Feb. 25th , 5:30-8:00pm at Jerome High.

Vice- Presidents’ Report:

·      Contact Laura Coleman and Kerry Cooper if interested in PTO Executive Board openings (currently in need of  1 Vice President and possible Corresponding Secretary).  Also just a few PTO committee chairs are still needed:  Dance Club and possibly Hospitality. 


Treasurers’ Report:

·      Budget and last month’s financials were made available.  No questions.


Secretaries’ Report:

·      None.


Committee Reports:

§ PERC – Michelle Thomas-  due to recent teen suicides in our Dublin district and surrounding area, proceeds from the Dublin dodgeball fundraiser will be given to PERC for a future teen suicide program.      

Dance Club – Tiffanie Roberts-  82 GMS dance club participants.


Saturday, February 21:  Dublin Literacy Conference at Dublin Coffman High School

Monday, February 23:  Coffee with Dr. Hoadley, 7 a.m. at Panera on Perimeter Loop

Friday, March 27:  Dodgeball Tournament

Saturday, March 28:  Summer Job Fair at Dublin Jerome from 9 – noon

Monday, April 6:  Talk with Dr. Hoadley, 7 p.m. at Sumeno’s on Sawmill

Saturday, April 11:  Community Champions Awards, 10 a.m. at Dublin Jerome High School

NEXT PTO MEETING IS April 22nd at 1:00pm. Guest speakers: Cathy Sankey, Jerome Principal and Ryan Walker, Jerome Athletic Director

Meeting Adjourned At 2:15pm. 

Minutes Complied By:  Jodi Rhodes, Recording Secretary

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