Board approves resolution opposing EdChoice



WHEREAS, the Ohio legislature has recently made amendments which greatly increase the number and availability of vouchers for students to attend private/parochial schools at public taxpayer expense, and

            WHEREAS, such vouchers will be available to numerous families and students who have never attended Dublin City Schools or any other public schools and for whom state funding has never been provided to Dublin City Schools or any other public schools, and

            WHEREAS, Dublin City Schools’ state funding will be unjustly decreased by the amount of vouchers provided to such families and students who have not and will not attend public schools and others who transfer to private/parochial schools, and

            WHEREAS, private/parochial schools accepting students with public tax vouchers would not be required to accept all students but would be permitted to retain their selective admission policies without enforcement of other laws applicable to public schools, and

            WHEREAS, private/parochial school students are not subject to the testing and accountability standards required of public school students so that the actual performance of private/parochial schools subsidized with public tax dollars will not be known, relative to equivalent public school evaluation standards, and

            WHEREAS, this Board believes that the EdChoice voucher program as it currently exists presents serious constitutional issues regarding the separation of church and state and the funding of religious institutions with public tax dollars, and

            WHEREAS, the State of Ohio has the constitutional responsibility to secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools, and

            WHEREAS, the EdChoice voucher program will have exactly the opposite effect by providing funding to private/parochial schools at the expense and to the detriment of public schools and their students.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by this Dublin City School District Board of Education that this Board reaffirms its commitment to free accessible public schools which are adequately and equitably funded to guarantee a comparable education for ALL children and therefore opposes and respectfully requests the repeal of the ill-conceived EdChoice voucher program of the State of Ohio.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board opposes any funding programs, vouchers or otherwise, that have the effect of diverting public tax dollars from public schools to private/parochial schools.

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to forward copies of this Resolution to all Ohio state legislators, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Governor of the State of Ohio.

____________________ seconded the motion.

Upon roll call on the adoption of the foregoing Resolution, the vote was as follows:

            ____________________        _____              ____________________        _____

            ____________________        _____              ____________________        _____

____________________                    _____


            The forgoing is a true and correct excerpt from the minutes of a regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Dublin City School District, Ohio, held on January 27, 2020, the time, date, and place of which, as shown above, having been established at the Board’s organizational meeting in January, 2020, showing the adoption of the resolution hereinabove set forth.


Treasurer, Board of Education

Dublin City School District, Ohio

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