Student overcrowding moves 75 Indian Run 5th graders to Sells Middle School

Student overcrowding moves 75 Indian Run 5th graders to Sells Middle School

As a result of continually increasing student enrollment, many of our buildings are at full capacity or overcrowded. Student overcrowding is driving the need for additional schools and one of the main reasons Dublin City Schools will be on the ballot on Nov. 6.

One of the many examples of student overcrowding around the District this school year is that 75 Indian Run 5th graders and some staff have been relocated to Sells Middle School for every day instruction. Indian Run Elementary has a capacity of 575 students, but has over 700 currently enrolled, putting the building well over capacity.

“Some Sells staff members have graciously agreed to teach in different areas of the building this year in order to free up three classrooms for these 5th graders,” said Deputy Superintendent Tracey Miller. “It’s a short-term fix, because next school year Sells will pick up another 90 students and they will need the classroom space back. We appreciate both staffs working hard to make the best out of this situation. These Indian Run teachers have been outstanding in creating a great environment at Sells for their students to learn.”

Sells Principal Matt Sachtleben praised his staff for their flexibility and willingness to find solutions to an issue facing our entire District at this time.

“Our staff has been overwhelmingly welcoming to the Indian Run staff and 5th grade students. It has been awesome to watch our teachers reach out to these students in order to make their journey less stressful,” said Sachtleben. 

Last year, the District collaborated with staff members from both buildings and discussed many different options for providing overcrowding relief at Indian Run, but ultimately decided that relocating these 5th grade students to Sells was the best option.

“We selected Sells because it allowed Indian Run students to remain connected to their home school with the least amount of disruption to students and their families,” said Director of Elementary Education Jill Abraham. “The proximity of Sells allows our 5th grade students to experience related arts, specialized programming, lunch and recess with other students and staff from Indian Run. In this situation, we are able to support families in our community by keeping siblings on the same school campus.” 

The District also debated which grade level would be the best to relocate for the school year, making the decision that relocating 5th graders would be the most logical. Though the 5th grade students receive curriculum instruction at Sells, they are still very much a part of the Indian Run community.

“Compared to younger students, 5th graders are more comfortable with transitions and alternate learning environments, so we teamed up with Sells to find three classrooms for our students,” said Indian Run Principal Jen Schwanke. “We are working hard to make sure these Indian Run 5th graders and their families still feel a part of Indian Run.”

Though the District has found creative ways to accommodate growth, including opening 22 elementary classroom additions in the fall of 2016, we no longer have any other options than to construct new space. To learn more about the November 6 issue, visit our website:

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