Fourth high school, sixth middle school will not be needed according to new District build out study

A recently completed “build-out study” of Dublin City Schools has concluded a fourth high school will not be needed.

The study confirms the work of the District’s Master Plan committee that a fourth high school and a sixth middle school would not be needed, even when the District is completely developed in approximately 2036.

“The foresight of our Board of Education to acquire the Emerald Campus facility will help us avoid a fourth high school, as the Master Plan committee recommended,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Hoadley. ”New high schools can cost more than $90-million, not including the expense of obtaining the needed land.”

While it is good news the District will not have to incur the expense of a fourth high school or a sixth middle school, more enrollment growth is expected, according to the study completed by Cooperative Strategies. 

The District will continue to add students until 2036 when growth is expected to level off. At that time, Cooperative Strategies estimates Dublin City Schools’ enrollment will exceed 20,000 students. About 2,200 acres of undeveloped land remains within District boundaries, mostly in the northwest portion.

“Around 2029, more elementary schools will likely have to be considered,” Dr. Hoadley said. “People continue to move here, and will continue to move here because this is a great community and a great school district.”

When it comes to housing developments and overall community growth, Dublin City Schools has no zoning authority or the ability to assess developer’s impact fees for bringing more students and the associated costs to our District. We work closely with developers and the City of Dublin when we are made aware of new housing projects, but ultimately, Dublin City Schools cannot control student enrollment growth. Our mission is to educate all the students who live within our boundaries.

This enrollment growth is the main reason the District will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. To learn more about the ballot initiative, click here:

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