Emerald Campus students involved in various projects and experiments

Since the opening of Emerald Campus in August, nearly 1,000 Dublin City Schools students have been involved in the Career Exploration Academies housed in the new building. Each of these academies provides a unique learning experience for students, going beyond the traditional classroom-style learning.The learning taking place at Emerald Campus is non-traditional, offered in a flexible environment, and provides students with career exploration opportunities.

The current career exploration academies are the Biomedical Academy, Young Professionals Academy, Dublin Business Academy, Dublin Teachers Academy, Engineering Academy, and the IT Academy.

One student from the Dublin Teachers Academy describes her experience at Emerald Campus as collaborative and engaging. Having the opportunity to student teach as a high schooler is something that many students are not able to experience until their junior year in college or sometimes later.

“One of our goals here at Emerald Campus is to provide context to content,” said Emerald Campus Director, Kristy Venne. “We want our students to understand how to apply their knowledge in the real world.”

This unique style of education is applied in all the academies at the Emerald Campus. Nearly a month into the 2018-19 school year, students are already involved in many engaging projects and experiences.

Currently, the Biomedical Academy is working on bone drawings in the art portion of the curriculum, while the Engineering Academy is working on the programming and building of remote-controlled cars. In the Young Professionals Academy, the students are halfway through their first six week internship of the semester.

“By day four of my internship, I was making sales calls, creating presentations and setting up meetings” said Young Professionals Academy student, Whitney Karg. “I’m really enjoying the opportunity I have to learn about where I want to be in the future.”

Each career exploration academy was created based on data outlining workforce needs. To keep student education current with the demands of the evolving workforce, there are plans for the addition of new academies to the building. These new academies will be announced in November and will open to students for the 2019-20 school year.

“At Emerald Campus, we are always planning for the future,” said Venne. “We are always looking at what’s next to help our students be on the cutting edge of technology.”

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