September 27, 2018

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You might have seen the following article on our Dublin City Schools website, but I wanted to give a hats off to several of our teachers for collaborating to take a real time event (Hurricane Florence) and connect it to several areas of learning. Although hard at times to make those timely connections, anytime our teachers do this it makes the learning much more engaging for our students.


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Authentic inquiry using real world situations is a hallmark of Dublin Jerome science teacher Chuck Crawford’s classroom.

As Hurricane Florence struck the East Coast of the United States, Mr. Crawford and a cadre of teachers deviated from their lesson plans to provide a real world, real time explanation of how hurricanes are formed and their destructive power. This is what they refer to as the Citizenship for Global Awareness Series. This is a series of guest lectures and activities that was started by Mr. Crawford and Matt Martin (social studies department chairperson) in order for students to see the interconnectedness of topics in the world. This installment of the series included Dublin Jerome students from Physical Science (Mrs. DeLuca, Mrs. Marion, Ms. Erfurt, Mr. Ellis), AP Environmental Science (Crawford), Engineering (Mr. Roscoe), Global Politics (Mr. Tobin, Mr. Arnold) and International Diplomacy (Mr. Martin). 

In Mr. Crawford’s presentation, he had a live feed of the hurricane coverage as it was coming ashore on one monitor, an interactive slideshow using the new PearDeck software on another monitor, and then a third screen that was an interactive touch screen where he showed websites with real time and archived data using sites like the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration’s website. Students explored many characteristics of storm surge and why it can be devastating and dangerous due to the complexities of conditions and topography. There was also explanation of the atmospheric pressure of a storm, and the size and speed of a storm. And did you know a hurricane gets its energy from the warm water that it travels over?

Mr. Crawford tries to tie concepts into things that students know as illustrated when he asked, “Does everybody remember ‘Finding Nemo’? What did Crush and the other turtles do? They hopped on the Eastern Australian Current.” The currents beneath the oceans and the atmospheric jet stream are huge influencers on weather and have large impacts when it comes stop severe weather. 

He also tries to tie in historical information to allow for students to make more connections.  
“We learned how the jet stream worked during World War II and how the jet stream could provide planes with a tailwind, increasing fuel economy and range of planes,” Mr. Crawford said. The jet stream has played an important role in Hurricane Florence in terms of it stalling over land and causing catastrophic flooding.

These types of lessons are only a part of what students experience in Mr. Crawford’s class. Prior to the hurricane study, students were building model robot cars from kits in cooperation with Jim Roscoe’s Engineering II students. These two classes are benefitting from more learning space this year thanks to the opening of the Emerald Campus. The relocation of the Dublin Business Academy, previously housed at Dublin Jerome, has freed up space for cross-curricular projects such as the model cars. There are additional plans on how to take advantage of this space in a high school dealing with overcrowding due to student enrollment growth. 

“We want to expose students to as many different experiences as possible so that they can choose to pursue whatever opportunity that they would like to,” Mr. Crawford said. 


DJHS Mattress Fundraiser

The DJHS Baseball Team is hosting a mattress fundraiser on Saturday, September 29 in the Jerome Commons from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Save up to 50% retail while supporting the baseball program. Please see the attached memo and flyer for additional information.


PSAT Pre-Administration

For all juniors and those freshmen and sophomores who signed up for the PSAT at Dublin Jerome High School, there will be a pre-administration session on Wednesday, October 3rd. Students should bring a #2 pencil and report to the commons according to the following schedule:


Juniors last names A-L          2nd period (9:19)

Juniors last names M-Z         3rd period (10:07)

Freshmen & Sophomores     4th period (10:55) 


Please see Mr. Wilkinson in the main office with any questions.


Student Council Backpack Drive

DJHS Student Council is working with a Columbus homeless relief organization to assist with homelessness in central Ohio. The organization is in desperate need of any used backpacks or bags for the homeless individuals who have to carry their belongings everywhere they go. There will be a collection box at the entrances of the school Oct. 1st-5th where students can donate any used bags or backpacks they may have. If you have any unneeded bags or backpacks please consider donating. If there are any questions, contact Alek Mehta at (614) 822-0957.


Dublin Jerome Drama Club Presents: Almost, Maine

The Dublin Jerome Drama Club will make their debut performance of the school year with Almost, Maine written by John Cariani. Almost, Maine, a place that’s so far north it’s almost in Canada. And it’s not quite a town because the residents never got around to getting organized. One cold, clear, winter night as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. Presented in the DJHS Center for Performing Arts October 4th-6th at 7:00 p.m. Adults $7 and students/seniors $5. This is considered a romantic comedy and is rated PG-13. More information can be found at

Picture Re-Take Day

Picture re-takes will be held on Thursday, October 11 during the school day. Students having their picture re-taken should be sure to bring their original picture packet with them.

Veteran’s Day at Dublin Jerome

On Friday, November 9th, Jerome is hosting a Veteran’s Day celebration to honor those who have bravely served our great nation. Students will take part in an assembly that is being organized by students and will have the opportunity to thank veterans who will be welcomed as our honored guests. If you have a family member or friend who is a veteran and would like to join us or if you have other ways you may be able to help, please e-mail Jason Rice ( for more information.



Blocksi is a software that has been downloaded onto every Chromebook to help protect our student users from most inappropriate web content in school and at home, along with keeping students on task. Teachers can filter the websites they want used on a daily basis, monitor student work in real-time, lock devices when necessary and instant message them with support. Blocksi also includes a parent portal so that you may monitor student activity while they are at home, block content and shut down the machine in the evening. Parents are now able to:

  • Enforce bedtime and time access control on streaming media, social media, YouTube, gaming and other time addictive content. 

  • Enforce a stricter Policy on certain websites when the Chromebook is at home, by blocking specific online content.

  • View web history and analyze trends of your child's internet browsing activity and get warned when blocked content is accessed.

Blocksi Parent Dashboard for Chromebook Management

Register Here


Yearbook Sales

The yearbook staff apologizes for the delay in promoting yearbook sales this year. Our yearbook publisher merged companies and are experiencing technical difficulties with online sales. As soon as we learn that the link is available, we will share with you. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a yearbook now please fill out the attached order form and return to: 

Dublin Jerome High School

C/O Carrie McJunkin 

8300 Hyland Croy Rd.  

Dublin, Ohio 43016


Dublin Jerome Magazine: "Celtic Perspective"

The journalism staff has renamed the School magazine. This year, the staff would like to have this magazine available for students to read at school at no cost. In order to achieve this, we are selling personal student advertisements. If you would like to help support the Jerome Magazine writers, please consider purchasing a student ad. Please see the attached flyer for additional information.


Authentic, Real-World Learning

Read about how Dublin Jerome Science teacher Chuck Crawford incorporates technology and the events of the day into his lesson plans.


Student Mental Health

Thanks to a grant from Cardinal Health, a free Youth Leadership Fall Retreat for 7th and 8th graders will be being offered this November. Click here for details.


Issue 5 Information

Watch our new video presenting Issue 5 information in artistic form with the help of one of our talented Dublin Scioto AP art students. For more videos and information about Issue 5, visit



Oct. 4, 5, 6-DJHS Drama Club: Almost, Maine, 7:00 p.m.

Oct. 9-Voter registration deadline

Oct. 10-DJHS NO Working Wednesday Bell Schedule


Oct. 10-Vote by mail begins

Oct. 10-Coffee with Dr. Hoadley, 7:30 a.m. at The Donut Experiment, 6780 Perimeter Loop Rd.

Oct. 11-DJHS Picture Re-Take Day

Oct. 19-NO SCHOOL, Work day/professional development day

Oct. 22-NO SCHOOL, Teacher conference comp day

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