Dublin City Schools honored as one of the Healthiest 100 workplaces in America

Dublin City Schools is committed to the health and well being of its staff and the District has recently been selected as one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, an award from Springbuk.

“I am excited about the improved employee morale that has evolved from our wellness program,” Human Resources Director Gale Marsh said. “I believe that wellness has impacted our culture in a positive way that is immeasurable. I will continue to be a wellness champion for our organization and encourage our employees to take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered.”

Integrating health and wellness into the District’s workplace has facilitated a 20 percent reduction of health insurance premiums over the last five years, creating a large savings for Dublin City Schools. District employees’ ‘sick leave utilized’ has decreased by 4,388 sick hours and 549 days over the last year. This is a decrease of over 5 percent in sick days, while staff population has increased by 2 percent. The decreased sick leave has yielded a savings of approximately $229,800 and our turnover rate is 1.94 percent.

“I am pleased to offer the Simply Healthy Wellness Program,” Dublin City Schools’ Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Brian Kern said. “I firmly believe that quality health plays an important role in the success of our district and we are laying the foundation for a healthier workforce. Our business is education and we provide an environment that educates employees on lifelong healthy living practices and health-risk reduction.”

The distinction for the District honors Dublin City Schools as an exemplary leader for the effectiveness of its population health and well-being initiatives. More than 1,000 of America’s top well-being programs were evaluated and the top 100 includes organizations as small as 32 full-time employees and as large as more than 150,000 employees. The honored workplaces span nearly every industry, geographic location, size and include both public and private organizations.

The programs were evaluated across six categories: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, marketing and communications, programming and interventions and reporting and analytics. Each program that applied was graded on a 1-100 rubric for wellness programming.

Dublin City Schools will continue to be committed to the health and wellness of its employees, creating a better environment for our students.

For more information or to see a full list of the winners for the top 100, click here.

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