December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017

Dear parents:

As exams approach, please find the attached exam week schedule and some general information below to help answer any questions that you may have. If you have children that have been through this in the past, there is really nothing new. If you have a 9th grader or are new to the school, we hope you find this helpful. Feel free and give us a call if you still have any questions.

Exam Week Information:

Friday, December 15th - Wednesday, December 20th

1. Our attached exam schedule consists of two exams each day over a four-day period.

Friday, December 15th (Day One) 1st period exam and 2nd period exam

Monday, December 18th (Day Two) 3rd period exam and 4th period exam

Tuesday, December 19th (Day Three) 5th period exam and 6th period exam

Wednesday, December 20th (Day Four) 7th period exam and make-up exams

Semester Exam Schedule.docx

2. All exams are 90 minutes in length with a 25-minute review period prior.

3. If students do not have an exam, they do not need to be here during that particular class period. For example, if students do not have an exam during the first exam time slot, they are permitted to show up prior to the second exam time slot. You do not need to call in to report your son or daughter as being tardy.

4. Attendance will be captured when students report to their classes for exams. If students do not have any exams on a certain day (7th period on Wednesday, December 20th, for example), you do not need to call your son or daughter in as absent.

5. If students do not have an exam during the second exam time slot on any given day and choose to go home, they will need to have a note from you to leave the building prior to the end of the school day at 1:18. You can write your own note, but we have attached a note template for your convenience. In short, students do not need notes if they come late, but they need notes to leave early. Exam Parent Permission Slips 2017.docx

6. We will offer lunch/study hall every day after exams from (11:55 to 1:18) if your son or daughter wants to stay for lunch and/or wait for the bus. If students choose to leave after their last exam on any day and not stay for lunch/study hall, please have them bring a note from the template attached.

7. Buses run at the normal time every morning and will pick-up in the afternoon at 1:18, which is the conclusion of the school day during exam week. If students rely on the bus to get to and from school, it is perfectly fine for them to stay on this bus schedule during the exam week. During those times in which they do not have an exam, students will be required to be in the Commons for a study hall.

8. Students will know if they have an exam in a particular class. Please inquire with your son or daughter so you can begin planning in advance.

9. There will be NO Working Wednesday schedule on Wednesday, December 20th. The first exam starts at 7:55.

​​​​​​​Have a wonderful holiday break!

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