District continues to embrace private sector business practices

Staff from the custodial, mail, warehouse, and food services departments recently attended a Lean Six Sigma Boot Camp that focused on operating more efficiently to save time, resources and money. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology commonly implemented in the private sector that focuses on process efficiency. 

The boot camp was led by Bill Lawson of Strategic Leadership Solutions, an organization that specializes in Lean Six Sigma consulting and training, and Dublin City Schools’ Coordinator of Operational Excellence Nathan Rohyans. 

Rohyans, who is a green belt in Lean Six Sigma, said he was able to see firsthand the amount of progress that staff made over the course of the boot camp. 

“We did a simulation where we had to review 16 applications, and the first time we only got through two and it took 35 minutes,” said Rohyans. “By the last day, we accurately got through all 16 in less than two minutes, which was a new record. The progress we made was extremely evident.”

The group learned methods of how to operate more efficiently, like grouping common tasks and identifying processes in the day that waste time.

“This class opened my eyes to a lot of our processes in our kitchens and just everyday things that can be done a little differently so we can run more efficiently,” said Mary Beth Cook, an administrative assistant for the Food Services Department. “For example, I have changed how I do the financial report for accounting and how I process our invoices. Instead of doing these piece by piece I wait and do it all at once to save more time and make sure I have all the information before even beginning.”

Rohyans said a key part of the training was not only to teach the group about Lean Six Sigma, but to help them learn how to identify areas of improvement on their own and be able to implement their own solutions. 

“The goals of the boot camp were for the attendees to be able to think differently about how they operate, identify wasteful steps in their processes, and to understand how to improve their processes based on facts, measurements, and analysis,” Rohyans said. “I have already seen numerous boot camp attendees improving some of their own current job processes." 

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