Partnership with City of Dublin saves more than $200,000 moves vision for new community library forward

The Board unanimously approved an agreement with the City of Dublin that will provide internet service to 17 of our 20 schools, saving about $200,000 annually in network leasing expenditures. The agreement is the result of 18-months of collaboration between Dublin City Schools and the City of Dublin.

“This agreement is a tremendous example of the positive things that can happen when public entities work together,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Hoadley. “The savings we will realize through city provided internet services represent dollars we can redirect to other technology upgrades and classroom level expenses.”

Three schools, Bailey, Riverside, and Wright lie outside current city internet service areas and those schools will continue to be served by their current internet provider until additional connectivity becomes available.

In return, the City of Dublin will receive the library parking lot land owned by the District. In addition, at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year, the city will receive the building at 62 W. Bridge St. which houses the Power Plus and West Bridge Academy programs. Dr. Hoadley indicated the new agreement is in line with the District’s plans for the West Bridge Street building.

“We had been looking for a facility to replace 62 W. Bridge St. prior to this agreement as our programs have outgrown that space,” Dr. Hoadley said. “As the community knows, we continue to look for alternative high school space which could house these programs in the future as well.”

Dr. Hoadley said one of the other large benefits of this new agreement is our collective ability move the library project forward.

“This state of the art library will benefit our entire community, and will also be a great resource for students,” Dr. Hoadley said. “The improved technology and expanded floor plan will provide more resources for student and their families as our community has outgrown the current library facility.”

The rumor Indian Run and Sells will eventually be sold and demolished so that land they occupy may be developed someday persist, but PLEASE NOTE this rumor is not accurate.

Almost 1,600 students attend school at Indian Run and Sells and will continue to attend school at these two buildings.

District leadership has been consistently on the record they will not ask taxpayers to replace existing buildings in order to clear the way for future development. These schools provide our students with high quality educational experiences and will continue to do so for any foreseeable future. This agreement to move the community library project forward is NOT a step toward eventually selling Indian Run and Sells to accommodate development.

The District has NO plans to sell Indian Run Elementary or Sells Middle School. 

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